Study Aviation Abroad

Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) is one of the most reputed institute of Russia for Aviation courses.

1st year you will take courses in mathematics and physics and study engineering fundamentals including introduction to aerospace engineering, mechanics, statics, and materials.

During the 2nd year you will study advanced mathematics, metrology and standardization, electrical engineering and advanced mechanics.

From year 3 this programme will be divided into 4 modules. Further study will depend on what module you will choose from the beginning.

  1. Aircraft Engineering.
  2. Aircraft Engines.
  3. Electronic Engineering and Avionics.
  4. Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) in Aircraft Manufacturing.

From the 3rd year onwards you will begin to deal with some of the advanced concepts in aeronautics, engines and electronics. These include the study of flight dynamics and flight control, aircraft power plants, aerohydrodynamics, control systems and technologies, and sensing technologies. Half of the 4th year will be devoted to project work. Individual project work allows you to apply the knowledge you have gained during your studies to a specific problem in aeronautical engineering. You will take part in practical laboratories and carry out different experiments using modern, state of the art equipment. Tuition fee English program 6000 euro per year