Studying in Belarus should be the best choice for both domestic and International students. This is due to the standard and quality of Education system in Belarus.

Education in Belarus is of very high standard, hence every year students from all over the world troop into Belarus for studies in their respective courses of choice. Studying in Belarus is more than just a dream of having a degree program or a Master program abroad; The Belarusian universities and other high institutions are immensely equipped with education facilities to meet the standard of any present day academic challenge. There are medical universities, Technical and technological Universities as well as Classical universities in Belarus.  Medical courses in Belarus are of standard quality, hence, Belarusian Medical Universities are among the best Medical universities in the world. Nowadays, international students are considering Belarus as a medium of academic excellence because of the friendly environment, good Weather condition, Standard of living, Tuition fees, Quality of education, Language of instructions, Quality instructors, and lots of other qualities of education system in the country. Belarus is a wonderful country!!!!

Studying in Belarus has now become the most important point of reference.  Many students are now considering the distance learning in Belarus as a standard and best for graduate and undergraduate programs.There are more than thousands of courses in Belarusian universities and higher institutions. Considering the fact that these courses are designed to meet the domestic and international standard, it is also important to note that Belarusian institutions are at the brink of overcoming many other countries in terms of Education. If you are looking for a better place to study, either Medical Courses or Technological courses, Belarus is the Best destination for you. For more information on getting admission, Visa process, best institution, Admission process and about Belarus

Grodno State Medical University

Grodno state medical university Grodno State Medical University was founded in 1958 and has been one of the leading medical institutions in the Republic of Belarus. The University is famous for its great educational emphasis and highly qualified teaching staff. At present there are over 50 doctors of medicine and professors, 108 assistant professors and 209 candidates of medicine are employed at the University. Grodno State Medical University collaborates with the medical institutions in Poland, Germany, Russia, the USA, Great Britain, Lithuania and many others. The University has hundreds of foreign students from over 30 different countries such as India, Lebanon, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, Greece, Lithuania, Armenia, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Cameroon, Jordan, Mauritius, Sri-Lanka etc. are studying in Grodno State Medical University now.

Alongside with the academic work the teaching staff of the Medical University treats patients in 9 surgical departments, 14 therapeutic departments and 5 sub departments. There are 23 clinics functioning at the clinical departments of the University.


  • Most foreign students of the University study at the Faculty of General Medicine which is a 6 Year duration in English Medium.
  • Grodno State Medical University is the Only Medical University that provides 6 years high quality English Medium Medical Studies. Most of the other Medical Universities provide few years in english and other years in Russian.
  • Excellent medical students go to the West-European countries to participate in medical scientific conferences.
  • At the University there is a center for arrangement of postgraduate medical education in West Europe and the USA.
  • After graduation from the University the graduates are granted International Diploma and are conferred the title of the Doctor of Medicine. The degrees awarded by GSMU are recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG Philadelphia USA ), Medical Council of India (MCI), Lithuanian Centre of Quality Assessment in Higher Education and by many others.
  • There is a very good hostel for foreign students within five minute walk from the main building of the University. There are 4 halls of residence of block type, two halls of residence of housing type (toilet, shower and kitchen included).

Gomel State Medical University

Gomel is one of the top Medical universities in BelarusThe Gomel state medical university which was formerly known as Gomel State Medical Institute is public teaching university based in Gomel, Belarus. Gomel has four universities of different fields and one of them is Gomel state medical university. Today, Gomel State Medical University contains. The main campus of Gomel State Medical University located in the downtown of Gomel with 18 adjacent clinical sites spread across the city.  The clinical base of the University is one of the best in Belarus, where the advanced medical technologies on diagnostic and treatment of endocrinology, cardiologic, immunology, hematology, ophthalmologic, oncologic and other diseases are applied.

The faculty includes 276 members with more than third holding MD/PhD degree. For the years of its existence, the University has prepared about 1500 doctors in 54 medical specialities. The graduates of the University work in clinics of different cities in Belarus and other parts of Europe.

Gomel cooperates with educational and research medical centers on problems of medical staff preparation, medical research, organization of medical aid with leading universities of Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Scotland, France, Germany, Poland, Japan etc.

Gomel State Medical University offers a traditional European style curriculum. The teaching process includes lectures, seminars, laboratory and practical studies. A student rating is performed by computer tests and examinations. During the clinical course the students can participate in the whole range of diagnostic and treatment procedures at the teaching hospitals. They take part in teaching rounds, examination of patients, clinical demonstrations, taking case history, case conferences, etc. The program of education in Gomel Medical University meets requirements of international standards.

Today, Gomel State Medical University has:

  • 600 highly-qualified professors and assistant professors;
  • 34 departments, 5 profile research laboratories and a central research laboratory;
  • 18 large clinics equipped in modern way;
  • the clinical base of the University is the best in Belarus, advanced medical technologies on diagnostic and treatment of endocrinology, cardiologic, immunologic, hematology, ophthalmologic, oncology and other diseases are applied;
  •  More than 5000 (including more than 1300 overseas) students taught at 5 faculties of the University;
  • The library with rich volume of books and access to Internet, three reading halls enabling adequate preparation for the educational process;
  • modem hostels with comfortable flats, lounges and physical training room, sports base;
  • Computer classes with access to Internet. For the years of its existence, the University has prepared more than 2000 doctors. We have foreign students from Poland, Turkey, Russia, China, Vietnam, Lebanon, Iran, South America, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Newly Independent States and Western Europe.


  1. Gomel State Medical University unites about 1300 students from more than 138 countries of the world.
  2. Gomel State Medical University prepares general practitioners and its graduates are conferred the profession of a Physician and the degree of a Doctor of Medicine. Post-graduation study, clinical residence and training in various spheres of medicine are also available for the overseas students.
  3. The period of study in the University is 6 years. The first three years the students study fundamental subjects such as human anatomy, histology, biology, chemistry, physics, Latin languages, philosophy. Each subject is evaluated at winter and summer exams. Starting from the 4th year the students take their courses on the clinical premises of the University – in hospitals, out-patient clinics, in the Republican Research Centre of Radiation Medicine and Human Ecology, and other medical facilities of the city. Students get deep knowledge of internal and surgical diseases, obstetrics and gynecology, medical aids, prophylaxis, treatment of heart vascular system, traumas, infectious diseases, oncology, neurology, pediatrics, drug addiction and psychosomatic diseases, internal diseases and many others. At the end of the 4th, 5th and 6th years of study students have nursery, out-patient and doctoral trainings respectively and have 1 or 1.5 months holiday. Upon graduation from the university the students pass final state exams and are issued diplomas. Students of the faculty are provided with all facilities to receive deep knowledge and professional skills. Subjects are taught by the experienced teachers in both Russian and English languages.
  4. Students who engage themselves into research are welcomed to continue their education at the clinical residence and post-graduation level.
  5. Gomel State Medical University has comfortable student’s hostels with well organized services: laundry, kitchen, cafeteria, and student cafe, post office, Internet, spots club near the students’ hotel and so on.

Vitebsk State Medical University

One of the top medical universities in BelarusVitebsk State Medical University was founded in November 1934. It included 32 theoretical and clinical departments. Since September 1981 Vitebsk State Medical University started to train the overseas students on Preliminary Training, Medical and Pharmaceutical Faculties. The number of foreign students was increasing and in 1997 the Faculty of Overseas Students Training was opened. For the large merits in training physicians for public health of Asia, Africa, Near East and Latin America, the Vitebsk State Medical University was awarded with the Medal of Peoples Friendship by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

Students enrolled at the University will be admitted to the Preliminary Training Course. This is 10 months study program to learn Russian language and basic subjects including Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Students who successfully pass all the exams after the Preliminary Training Course are transferred to the 1st year of the basic faculties. However, the students who want to study in English medium are admitted directly to the 1st year without Preliminary Training Course, but they will get a chance to study Russian as an international language.

Vitebsk State Medical University has 5 comfortable student’s hostels with well organized services: laundry, kitchen, cafeteria, student cafe, post office, Internet, spots club, big super market near the students’ hotel and so on.

Application Process
  • STEP 1 Submit your 10th and 12th certificate and mark sheet photocopy through email and also one scanned picture with registration amount.
  • STEP 2 If you don’t have passport with you then you certainly should apply at and follow the steps. You can get your passport within 30-40 days at normal application.
  • STEP 3 You will receive your scanned admission letter within 10 days, original will take 20 days time.
  • STEP 4 Once you receive your passport, submit the front (the photo side) and back (the address side) by scanning and deposit the second instalment of Passport submission
  • STEP 5 Once the passport is received, it is applied to the University which sends Invitation letter in 30-40 days of time, it takes this much time because of verification process with Indian Embassy and other country Embassy where you take admission.
  • STEP 6 The University then sends the Invitation letter through courier which then submitted to the Embassy in India and third instalment has to be submitted, the application is reviewed and embassy stamps the visa within 7 days. The embassy can ask for interview call only if they want to ask some question based on the profile which is very rare.
  • STEP 7 On the basis of the visa stamped, the air tickets are booked for the country, at this time you pay the last instalment of processing fee.

Seats are limited, to get your seat reserved kindly send your 10th and 12th Marksheet to this email