Study MBBS in China

Chinese medical universities are popular among Indian students, every year thousands of students go and study in China. The most attractive thing about Chinese medical University is that it recognizes internship done in India as well and vice versa.

The duration of Study in China is 4.5 plus 1 year Internship, which you can also do in India hence most of the students and parents have this notion that the MBBS in China is for only 4.5 years however the student gets the degree of MBBS from the University only after completion of the internship and then the student has to appear for MCI screening test as well.

The most important point that can be noted here is that once the student clears the MCI screening test, he/she might not have to do internship in India again which is compulsory for foreign medical graduates.

There are n numbers of Universities in China which are listed in MCI. And hence many student go and pursue MBBS there, but last year the China Government reduced and seats for Indian students.

Now only 3000 seats are available in China Universities and also many universities have strict cut off percentage which ranges from 60-70% for taking admission there.

What could be the Top Benefits of Studying In China

  • AFFORDABLE- Tuition fee of the Chinese Universities is Cheaper as compared to India ranges from 2 lakhs to 3 lakhs per year.
  • CAREER OPPORTUNITIES- There are ample job opportunities for Students to work after study.
  • IMPROVED EDUCATION- Universities here are world class and there is a constant endeavour to improve the higher education sector making the place ideal for studying.
  • RECOGNIZED DEGREE- Degrees and qualifications earned from Chinese universities are recognised by all authorities and other countries.
  • CHINESE FOOD- In India, Chinese food is eaten as special delicacy.
  • FRIENDLY LOCALS-Locals are friendly and are in the habit of living in harmony with people from different religious backgrounds.
  • BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY-China is undoubtedly a beautiful country, with ample scope for travelling and breath-taking scenic beauty.

China Fee Structure