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University at Glance
LocationKyiv, Ukraine
Duration6 years
MCI Listed 2019Yes
WHO ApprovedYes
NEET Passing ScoreYes
Safety IndexYes
Indian Food MessYes
Number of Indian Student1000
Flight Time6 Hrs Direct Flight
Academic Staff1,200
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Bogomolets National Medical University Fees Structure 2020
Location - Kiev, Ukraine
YearTuition Fees $Tuition Fees ₹
First Year7800$5,07,000₹
Second Year4500$2,92,500₹
Third Year4500$2,92,500₹
Fourth Year4500$2,92,500₹
Fifth Year4500$2,92,500₹
Sixth Year4500$2,92,500₹
  1. 1USD = 65INR at time of Calculation.
  2. First Year Fees is 7800USD$ = 4500$+3300$. 3300USD$ is One Time Charge include – Medical Insurance, Visa Extn, Residence Permit, Health Checkup, Registration and other Misc. Expenses and 1st Year Hostel. (Hostel not Include from 2nd Year).
  3. Hostel is 900USD$ from Second Year.
  4. For Updated Fees Structure Call us on 8860637009.

About University

The University is a leading medical higher educational establishment in Ukraine.The University is one of the Oldest Medical Institutions in Ukraine having membership with UNESCO.

The academic base of the University is provided by: 

  1. 12 faculties, 7 institutes and centers, 78 departments, 30 divisions and laboratories:
  2. 1,200 scientists and teachers, among there are 137 full professors, 188 Doctors of Sciences, 341 Assistant professors and 719 PhD.
  3. 10 specialized scientific councils on defense of DPhil and Ph.D theses due to 21 scientific specialty;

Annually the University receives more than 200 patents on inventions, holds approximately 60 scientific forums, publishes over 50 scientific monographs and study guidelines, 30 scientific magazines and collections of scientific works. 

There are more than 13,000 students, doctorsinterns, masters, residents, postgraduates and persons, working for doctors degree including 1,200 international students at the University

Bogomolets National Medical University is recognized worldwide. The graduates from the University work in each fourth country in the world

Bogomolets national medical university established in 1841 is one of the institutes with excellence. Students from around 65 countries came here to study medicine. The Medical Universities in Ukraine assists you in getting confirmed visa, cheapest air tickets and most important is that students will enjoy. It has the highest level of accreditations by the Ministry of Health and Education i.e. level IV and has been training students for over 150 years.

The admission procedure in this institution is very simple and students don’t have to crack any kind of entrance examinations. One has to submit filled Application form (with valid permanent address /postal address and telephone numbers), International passport, and educational documents (certificate of ‘O’ level/ ‘A’ level/ SSCE/HSSCE etc). While studying in Top Medical Universities in Ukraine, students can take advantage of Bilateral Student Exchange Program with different foreign Universities in Germany, Finland, Sweden, Poland etc. International students can join part time jobs during their studies and three month’s summer jobs during vacation in countries like UK, USA, Sweden and other EU countries.

O. O. Bogomolets National Medical University, Ukraine | Yukti Belwal

Apply For 2020

List of Document Required For Admission in O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University and for Ukraine Visa Application

  1. Original Passport
  2. 12th marksheet
  3. NEET Exam Certificate
  4. Passport Size Photograph (in White Background)
  5. Digital Photo Above Shoulder in White Background to be sent on email.
  6. Bank statement of father or mother (6 Month original Bank  Statement with bank  stamp on it and with minimum balance not less tha Rs. 4.5 Lakhs). In Case if account is opened less than 6 month than letter from bank manager stating when the account was opened.
  7. Sponsership Affidavit on a Rs. 10 Stamp paper (Original). This is applicable only if Parents provide their bank Statements, no need in case student provide his/her bank statement.
  8. Minor affidavit on Rs. 10 Stamp paper from father and mother if student is below 18 Year old. (Sample Attached).

For Indian Students and International Students

Presently there are more than 1,100 international students and more than 100 masters, residents and postgraduate international students from 60 different countries studying at 0.0. Bogomolets NMU the University ranks at the top among best higher educational establishments in the city of Kyiv due to the number of foreign students

Since 2004 0.0. Bogomolets NMU implemented English medium for international students, which lead to increasing annual international admissions and enlarging international relations of the University

The University has signed 43 agreements with the international and foreign organizations and institutions. It is the cofounder of InterUniversity Center of blcience and C ooperation in countries in South and SouthEastern Europe, East European chain of universities, member in 27 educational and 49 scientific international projects

University actively cooperates with WHO (World health organization) and it is recognized by MCI.

The establishment is the partner in consortium of European universities: the University joined to Magna Charta Universitatum in September 2011

The University actively cooperates with international educational centers as InterUniversity Center of Science and Cooperation of Eastern and SouthEastern Europe (Italy), European Association of Public Health, Eastern European Chain of Universities (Poland), German service DAAD, Agency on International Development (USA).

The teachers and scientists of O.O. Bogomolets NMU are full members in more than 40 international organizations.

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Benefits of studying in Bogomolets National Medical University

➤ More than 200 Plus Year old University

➤ Hostel and Indian Food Available

➤ Bogomolets National Medical University is Recognized by MCI, WHO, IMED, UNESCO.

➤ No Entrance Exam

➤ No Donation

➤ 100% English Course

➤ Scholarships available

➤ MBBS in Ukraine & Cost of Living is Affordable

Bogomolets University Admission Process & Eligibility Criteria

Age must be 17 Year Plus
➦ Student should complete class 12th from Regular Board
➦ Students have at least 50% in PCB For General Category and 40% in SC/ST/OBC & must have English as a subject in 12th Class.

➦ Student must have passing score card of NEET exam for doing MBBS abroad in any Country.

Hostel of Bogomolets National Medical University

There are 7 hostels at the University campus. Universal students’ hostel is a major complex of 17 stories structures. students are offered place in the hostel on an individual contract system. student may pick single, twofold or triple room by his/her alternative. Every single room is positively outfitted with all the essential facilities for comfort studies and recreation time of an student. Worldwide students enjoy regular services administrations of power, warming, cold and high temp water, cleaning and security which are free of installment and given by the University. As the expected result every one of the rooms are finished with bed, bedding, cushion, cover, work area, seat, organizer, and appropriate lighting for student considering and rest. student are allowed to utilize WiFi for their studies 24 hours day and night.

Facilities available at the Bogomolets National Medical University hostel are listed below:

  • 24 hour security
  • 24 hour hot water and electricity
  • Individual Internet facilities with a LAN connection
  • Equipped kitchen for students to prepare their own food
  • Laundry facilities
  • 24 hour supermarkets available at 5-7 min distance
  • Metro station at 7 min distance
  • 10 min distance from the University main building
  • Student canteen onsite the Hostel.

Scientific Activities in Bogomolets National Medical University

  1. Urgent problems in pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology (problems in miscarrying of pregnancy, prevention from complications at childbirths, health of mother and child), social important diseases at children and teenagers (arterial hypertension, diabetes mellitus of 1st type);
  2. Hygienic problems of environment, preservation of health and prevention of infectious diseases among population of Ukraine (standardization of exogenous chemical substances in soil, study of influence of heavy metals, pesticides, etc. on human health)
  3. Development of new pathogenetic grounded technologies in cardiology and rheumatology (CHD, hypertension, chronic erythematous, rheumatoid, arthritis, etc.)
  4. Diagnostics, treatment and prevention of diseases in gastrointestinal tract and organs in hepatic biliary system (gastric ulcer, cholelithiasis, acute pancreatitis, etc.
  5. Issues on pathogenesis, diagnostics, treatment and prevention of dental diseases;
  6. Certain medical problems on infectious diseases, phthisiology, urology, diseases of eyes, skin, nervous diseases, etc. 
  7. Optimization of study and upbringing the students at medical schools.

Practical Training in Bogomolets National Medical University

  1. Practical training is important component in teaching of doctors and pharmacists.
  2. The knowledge and skills, gained while studies at clinical and theoretical departments, are consolidated by the students during practical training. Practical training are based on the ground of numerous medical preventive establishments in the city of Kyiv, Dentistry medical center at 0.0. Bogomolets National medical University, 10 sanitary epidemic stations, 4 pharmaceutical plants, 7 pharmaceutical unions with tens of pharmacy stocks, Annually around five thousands students go through the practical raining. The practice is held by more than 280 health care specialists and experienced teachers of the University, with the highest medical category.
  3. International students from 47 different countries do practical training as well. The qualified academic staff of the University speaks English fluently and consequently knows the medical terminology in English, The teachers are also assigned to manage the practical training of international students in English medium
  4. International students from 47 different countries do practical training as well. The qualified academic staff of the University speaks English fluently and consequently knows the medical terminology in English, The teachers are also assigned to manage the practical training of international students in English medium
  5. Annual practical training beginning from the first year allows students to gain skills and practice before employment, which enables them to orient in clinical situations; to make the correct diagnosis; to prescribe the treatment; to render the first aid; to make the medicines due to the individual prescription; to get knowledge of clinical pharmacy, chemists and industrial technology for production of drugs. The practical training helps students to adapt to the future working place, impart practical skills in the collective, performance of rules and ethics and deontology.

Faculties and Department In Bogomolets National Medical University

  1. Obstetrics and Gynecology
  2. Department of Internal Medicine
  3. Surgery Department
  4. Department of Infectious Diseases
  5. Department of Neurology
  6. Department of NeuroSurgery
  7. Department of Radiology and Radiation Medicine
  8. Department of Human Anatomy Morbid Physiology
  9. Department Department of Pediatrics
  10. Department of Forensic Medicine
  11. Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics
  12. Department of Internal Medicine
  13. Department of Surgery 

Stomatological Faculty Department of Bogomolets National Medical University

  1. Pediatric Dentistry and Prevention of Dental Diseases.
  2. Department of Dental Orthopedics
  3. Department of Orthodontia and Propedeutics of Prosthetic Dentistry
  4. Department of Internal Medicine of the Faculty of Dentistry
  5. Department of Therapeutic Stomatology
  6. Department of Surgery, Dental Faculty
  7. Department of Dental and MaxilloFacial Surgery
  8. Department of Surgical Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery of Childhood 

Medical Psychological Faculty of Bogomolets National Medical University

  1. Department of General and Medical Psychology and Pedagogy
  2. Department of Endocrinology
  3. Department of General Practice (Family Medicine) and Computer Technology 
Sports facility Provided in Bogomolets National Medical University
Kettlebell liftingHandball
Arm wrestlingDraughts
Track and field athleticsBox
Table tennisSport dances
Mini footballBowling

Eligibility Criteria of O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University

Eligibility Criteria of O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University
Minimum 70% aggregate in PCB (Physic, Chemistry, Bilogy)
Valid Passport (if you have.)
10 Photographs, size 3x4 cm.
Duration5.8 Years
HolidayJuly & August
SeassionStart from September

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MBBS in Ukraine
UniversitiesCourse DurationCourse Fees in USD$
Taras Shevchenko National University of KYIV6 Year30,500
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V.N Karazina National University6 Year30,300
Vinnitsya National Medical University6 Year32,500
O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University6 Year30,300
Lviv National Medical University6 Year32,000
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Fujian Medical University6 Year1,98,300
Anhui Medical University6 Year1,53,000
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Zhengzhou University (ZU)6 Year2,03,000
Huazhing University of Science
and Technology University
6 Year2,39,600
Xiamen Medical University6 Year2,00,600
Xian Jaitong University6 Year2,46,200
Nanjing Medical University6 Year2,04,500
Ningxia Medical University6 Year1,76,000
Qingdao University6 Year1,96,600
Kunming Medical University6 Year2,02,500
Guangzhou Medical University6 Year1,82,000
Jiangsu University6 Year1,97,740
Shandong University6 Year2,62,500
Sichuan University6 Year2,12,600
MBBS In Belarus
UniversitiesCourse DurationCourse Fees in USD$
Belarusian State Medical University6 Year30,000
Grodno State Medical University6 Year27,600
Vitebsk State Medical University6 Year28,200
Gomel State Medical University6 Year27,900
MBBS in Kyrgyzstan
UniversitiesCourse DurationCourse Fees in USD$
Jalalabad State University5 Year17,280
Osh State University5 Year18,200
Kyrgyz State Medical Academy5 Year25,200
MBBS in Kazakhstan
UniversitiesCourse DurationCourse Fees in USD$
South Kazakhstan Medical Academy5 Year22,100
AL-FARABI Kazakh National University5 Year25,450
MBBS in Poland
UniversitiesCourse DurationCourse Fees in PLN(zł)
Medical University of Gdansk (MUG)6 Year2,64,300
MBBS in Georgia
UniversitiesCourse DurationCourse Fees in USD$
Batumi Shota Rustaveli Medical University6 Year30,000
Akaki Tsereteli State University6 Year27,500
New Vision University6 Year33,000
European University6 Year28,800
Tbilisi State Medical University6 Year45,000
Caucasus International University6 Year30,000
Georgian American University6 Year23,500
David Tvildiani Medical University6 Year30,000
Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University6 Year36,000
Euroregional Teaching University6 Year21,000
SEU Georgian National University6 Year33,000
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Crimea State Medical University6 Year23,500
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Bashkir State Medical University6 Year29,000
Volgograd State Medical University6 Year40,080
Stavropol State Medical University6 Year36,000
Russian National Research Medical University M26 Year46,500
I.M Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University6 Year66,900
Northern State Medical University, Kranoder6 Year34,000
Kuban State Medical University, Ulyanovsk6 Year23,800
Ulyanovsk State Medical University, Ulyanovsk6 Year26,500
Yaroslavl State Medical University, Yarislavl6 Year18,000
MBBS in Armenia
UniversitiesCourse DurationCourse Fees in USD$
St. Theresa Medical University5 Year20000
Yerevan State Medical University6 Year30500
Yerevan Haybusak Medical University6 Year23000

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O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University
O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University

Poltava State Medical University
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Bogomolets National Medical University 6 Year Syllabus (Subjects), Number of Lectures & Hours

SubjectLecturePracticalIndependent WorkTotal Hours
1st Course (I & II Semester)
Human Anatomy7221690378
Medical Biology,
Genetics &
Histology, Cytology
& Embryology
History of Medicine18181854
Latin Language &
Organic, Physical
Colloidal & BioOrganic Chemistry
Science & Medical Equipment
Russian Language--16072232
2nd Course (III & IV Semester)
Normal Physiology9018090360
Russian Language--16054214
Physical Training------524
3rd Course (V & VI Semester)
Bases of Psychology &
Social Medicine & Organization of
Health Protection Services
Pathological Anatomy729072234
Pharmacology & Medical Dispensing
of Medicines
Pathological Physiology729072234
Propedeutics of Children Diseases
with care of Children
Radial Diagnostics & Radial Therapy367254162
General Surgery with
Anesthesiology & Care of Patients
Topographic Anatomy16492489
Operative Surgery206030110
Propedeutics of Inner Diseases with
care of Patients
General Hygiene7212672270
4th Course (VII & VIII)
Obstetrics & Gynecology484860156
Remedial Gymnastics & Sport
Dermatoveneral Diseases13423085
Psychiatry, Narcology &
Medical Psychology
Nervous Diseases367254162
Faculty Pediatrics with Medical
Radiative Medicine12241854
Phthisiatry (Tuberculosis)18423090
Facultative Therapy with Physiotherapy5412690270
Economics of Health Protection10261854
Faculty Surgery449838180
5th Course (IX & X)
Hospital Therapy & Military Field
Occupational Diseases18423090
Traumatology & Orthopaedy18423090
Hospital Pediatry367254162
Hospital Surgery543046130
Pediatrics Surgery16363688
Infectious & Tropical Diseases427248162
Epidemiology & Military
Children Infectious
Urgent States Medicine of
Forensic Medicine334827108
Basics of Law18181854
Military Field Surgery10322668
6th Course (XI & XII)
Social Medicine & Organization of
Health Protection
Economics of Health Protection--28836
Internal Medicine1224012264
Infectious Diseases--7236108
Tropical Diseases--36--36
Clinical Pharmacology--361854
Children Infection Disease--7236108
Obstetrics & Gynecology--7236108
Pediatrics Surgery--7236108
Reanimatology (Intensive Care)--7236108
Surgical Disease--14472216
Clinical Immunology &
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