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Bukovinian State Medical University
LocationChernivets'ka oblast,
Duration6 Years
MCI Listed 2019Yes
Who ApprovedYes
NEET Passing Score22%
Safety Index56%
Indian Food MessYes
Flight Time14Hrs (+1 Stop)
Total Number of Students4321
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Bukovinian State Medical University Fees Structure 2020
YearsTuition Fees USD$Tuition Fees INR ₹
First Year6550445,400
Second Year3900265,200
Third Year3900265,200
Fourth Year3900265,200
Fifth Year3900265,200
Sixth Year3900265,200
1.) 1USD$ = 68INR at time of Calculation.
2.) First Year package is 6550USD$ = 3900$ + 2650$. 2650USD$ is One time
Charge which includes one-year medical insurance + Miscellaneous expense
     one time + Admission Charge + Reception Charge + Immigration Clearance +
     visa extension for 6 Year + Ukraine residence Permit 6 Year.
3.) Hostel is not included 400USD$ Per Year
4.) Food ( Dinner + Lunch) - 950$ Per Year
5.) For Updated Fees Structure or More Details Call us on 8860637009.

About University

Bukovinian State Medical University is one of the biggest higher educational foundations in Chernivtsi. It is completely government multi auxiliary educational institution of the highest level of accreditation giving educational programs of various levels. Established in 1944, Bukovinian State Medical University possesses a striking spot among the leading medical educational institutions of Eastern Europe, joining custom with dynamism and fitness in research and training.

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All exercises of the University are affirmed by the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine, to which it is subjected. The University follows up based on its Statute, concurred by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and received by the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine.

Bukovinian State Medical University is a member from the International Association of Educational Universities (IAEU), the World Health Organization (WHO), the Association of Carpathian Region Universities (ACRU), the Magna Charta Universitatum, and Bukovinian University Consortium.

With seven resources, various clinics and research focus, Bukovinian State Medical University draw consideration of youngsters willing to study drug medicine and acquire professional medical skills. If you Study Medicine at Bukovinian State Medical University you will settle on a cool-headed choice for your future vocation as a specialist.

Document Needed For Admission in Bukovinian State Medical University

  1. Application for a admission;
  2. Application form;
  3. An international passport of a foreigner or any other document which identifies a stateless individual with a D-type visa (D-13) for the countries with visa procedure of entry issued by consular offices of Ukraine in a home country on the basis of an invitation letter, if other procedure is not stipulated by international treaties of Ukraine (the original document and 3 copies of translation into Ukrainian language approved by a notary);
  4. An invitation letter for receiving a visa for study (original);
  5. A birth certificate (2 copies of the original document and 2 copies of translation into Ukrainian approved by a notary);
  6. A previous education document (high school certificate) (the original document and 3 copies of translation into Ukrainian approved by a notary);
  7. The supplement to the education certificate (with the list of courses taken) (the original document and 3 copies of translation into Ukrainian approved by a notary);
  8. A health certificate issued by the official health authority of the country of origin of an applicant, taken not earlier than two months before the departure of an applicant to study in Ukraine: the document should contain information about the results of fluorographic examination and HIV testing (2 copies of the original document and 2 copies of translation into Ukrainian language approved by a notary);
  9. 12 matte photos in size 3×4 cm;
  10. Consent to the collection and processing of personal data;
  11. A liability insurance contract for reimbursement of expenses, related to the execution of the decision on administrative expulsion from Ukraine (deportation).

Offical Video of Bukovinian State Medical University

Bukovinian State Medical University Campus, Hostel, Food Mess & Indian Student Feedback Videos

Bukovinian State Medical University infrastructure, Lab, Teachers & Students

Bukovinian State Medical University students Practicle Video

Bukovinian International Medical Congress

Specialties Available in at Bukovinian State Medical University

The University provides training on the following specialties :-

 General Medicine
 Pediatrics
 Medical Psychology
 Dentistry
 Clinical Pharmacy
 Nursing
 Laboratory Diagnostics
 Pharmacy

The University provides continuity of higher medical education: Junior Specialist → Bachelor → Medical Specialist → Master → post graduate education. If you already graduated from other medical university you can apply for Clinical Residency, PhD programs (27 specialities), Doctor of Medicine (6 specialities).

As indicated by the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine complete higher medical education is given in “Medicine” and “Pharmacy”. “Medicine” incorporates “General prescription“, “Pediatrics“, “Medical Psychology” and “Dentistry”; “Pharmacy” incorporates “Clinical Pharmacy” of the master’s educational level.

The University incorporates a medicinal lyceum, Chernivtsi, Vashkivtsi, Novoselytsia and Kovel Medical Colleges, four medical faculties, dentistry and pharmaceutical resources, the personnel of postgraduate education and preparatory department for foreign students.

Medical Faculty

These days the medical staff is the most noteworthy among the different staff of the University. In excess of 4000 students study there, including 957 foreign students from more than 38 nations of the world. The teaching procedure is guaranteed by in excess of 650 mentors academicians, professors, assistant professors, senior teachers.

Language of Instruction in Bukovinian State Medical University

Instructing is given in English medium. Huge numbers of our mentors and instructors worked at higher medical educational schools of foreign countries in Asia, Africa, South America. They have a decent direction of foreign languages and rich experience of preparing foreign students.

Tuition Fees of Bukovinian State Medical University

Education costs are determined by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine yearly and are perpetual during the entire instructive period. Education costs are near the lower furthest reaches of that established and in this manner are one of the most reasonable in Ukraine.

Teaching Staff of Bukovinian State Medical University

Our staff is exceptionally qualified. Experienced experts who have restrictive instructive skills are skills in BSMU. These days there are 84 Doctors of Sciences, 82 Professors and 347 Assistant Professors. Most of them are Members of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, Honored Science and Education Workers, Full Members of New York Academy of Medical Sciences, and Honored Physicians of Ukraine. The researchers of the University have accomplished extensive accomplishments in the fields of cardiology, traumatology, and orthopedics, gastroenterology, pediatrics, kidney physiology, and pathology.

Preparatory Department For Foreign Citizens

At the preliminary department, foreign students are prepared for studying at Bukovinian State Medical University or other higher instructive foundations of Ukraine with a specialization in general health, biology, physical education, agricultural sciences.

Today the Preparatory Department for foreign citizens is going by Sorokhan Vasyl Denysovych, who is likewise an associate professor at the Department of Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology.

Learning at the preliminary department goes on for 1 year and incorporates mastering natural sciences. The educational program incorporates preparing in the Ukrainian language, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Fundamentals of Computer Science and Technology, Local History, Geography, and Culture.

Students who expect to think about in English learn principle educational program subjects (Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Fundamentals of Computer Science and Technology) likewise in English.

The priority tasks of the Preparatory Department are the following:

  1. language training, which consists in helping students study the official language at the level required for mastering general and occupational subjects;
  2. facilitation of students’ adaptation to the conditions of living in Ukraine;
  3. cultivation in students respect for Ukraine, its history, culture and traditions;
  4. helping students to decide on the area of studies and the future speciality;
  5. promotion of the integration of the national higher educational system into the European and world educational space, the development of international cooperation.

Historical Background of Bukovinian State Medical University

Bukovinian State Medical University began preparing foreign students at the Preparatory Department in 1997. From that point forward 273 students from in excess of 20 nations effective finished the preparatory course. Most of them proceeded with their examinations at Bukovinian State Medical University, and some got selected at other higher instructive establishments of Ukraine. In the academic year, 2013–2014 59 foreign students from 8 nations were enlisted for the preparatory course.

Medical Practice at Bukovinian State Medical University

The fourth–6th years in medical University incorporate point by point learning of clinical subjects – Patients’ Care, Internal Medicine, general and specialized Surgery, Neurology and Psychiatrists, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, and a ton of other explicit subjects.

You will deal with causes of diseases, their signs, and side effects, great and present-day standards of the research facility and instrumental diagnostics; medical and procedural methods for treatment. You will have a one of a kind probability to speak with patients and utilize the gained learning and abilities by and by. Every one of the tutors in practical disciplines is profoundly qualified practicing physicians, who are constantly prepared to impart their wide experience to you.

Inside medicine incorporates fundamental information of Cardiology (heart maladies), Pulmonology (pathology of the lungs and bronchi), Gastroenterology (stomach related framework issue), Hematology (blood sicknesses), Nephrology (issue of the kidneys), Endocrinology (hormones unsettling influences), Rheumatology (musculoskeletal pathology). Surgical specialties, which you will manage, will give you information and experience, a likelihood to watch careful interventions in General Surgery, Abdominal Surgery, Urology, Traumatology and Orthopedics, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Ear, Nose, Throat ailments, Obstetrics and Gynecology and a lot of minor courses. To be progressively exact, you will become familiar with all the ace’s insider facts of concentrated consideration up to the part of the arrangement. You will feel free in most of the fields in modern medicine.

Possibilities For Student's Research in Bukovinian State Medical University

The Scientific Students’ Society works dynamically at Bukovinian State Medical University. The first-year students can join the Scientific Students’ Society as per their interests where they will increase practical and theoretical abilities to work with logical scientific literature. Beginning from the second and third long stretches of study, students can participate in practical research or master the major principles of performing experiments at the departments of basic medical disciplines. These days 75 international students are members of the Students’ Scientific Circle. Because of students researchers’ productive work, up to 150 scientific papers are distributed in medicinal periodicals every year.

Scientific Events at Bukovinian State Medical University

A decent convention of Scientific Students’ Society is the association of the Annual International Medical and Pharmaceutical Conferences for Students and Young Scientists, where they can display their work and research results. English is one of the conference languages, and students and youthful researchers from everywhere throughout the world are welcome to our meetings. Additionally, consistently various discussions and challenges are sorted out in Bukovinian State Medical University

Students’ Life at Bukovinian State Medical University

Bukovinian State Medical University can give settlement to Students (yearly convenience expense is 30–50 USD every month relying upon chosen comfort conditions). student’s hostel is found near head structures and centers of the college – 10–15 min walking distance. hostel contain everything required for studies, regular day to day existence and diversion: a cafes, the laundry, the billiard, gym, satellite TV with access to Indian channels. Students’ relatives can visit them and remain in uncommon spaces for visitors, settled in the University

After admission to the University, all students are partitioned into academic groups. For the initial three years of training each gathering is driven by a specific mentor – an experienced staff delegate with a decent direction of the English language who adjusts to another nation and new conditions, take care of issues identified with communication and academic difficulties. Our students never have the feeling of being abandoned.

Learning at Bukovinian State Medical University is something more than being among historical buildings, meeting prominent speakers and attending well–organized tutorials. It likewise implies a special encounter of living in an excellent university city, the probability of being a part of a lovely institution’s traditions, meeting a lot of intriguing people and making new friends. The University does it’s best for students to feel comfortable, be a piece of an enormous family, get together for a festival of occasions and prominent dates. There is a recreation camp close to the Dniester River, which has a place with the University, so students have the likelihood to invest their leisure time there, filling it with games and games or just to unwind in nature’s lap. The college has additionally the Palace “Akademichnyi”, where significant festivals are held.

Religious Freedom in Bukovinian State Medical University

Because of its geological area and characteristic assets, the city was a consistent fascination for foreigners – Tatars, Poles, Austrians, Hungarians, Russians, Jews, Germans, and so on. Today the population incorporates Ukrainians, Russians, Romanians, Moldavians, Jews, and Poles. A lot of students, who concentrate at BSMU, speak to various pieces of the world and add to the social and regular day to day existence of the city.

Bukovinian State Medical University has consistently been recognized by the tolerant frame of mind towards various religions. To meet the religious needs of students a mosque was sorted out in the hostel. At the times of the most significant occasions of Christianity, Islam, Hindu the students of these religions are excused from classes to have the option to manage the perfect administration both in the University and outside.


Chernivtsi is an extraordinary city of Western Ukraine, political and conservative focus of Bukovyna. The city is likewise viewed as one of the best social and instructive focuses of Ukraine. Chernivtsi locale verges on Ivano–Frankivsk, Ternopil, Khmelnytsky and Vinnytsa areas of Ukraine, Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

As a rule, foreign citizens land at the international airport Boryspil (Kyiv), which has associations with most of nations around the world. Move from Boryspil airplane terminal to Chernivtsi is given via trains and buses.

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Other Popular Countries and Universities for MBBS Abroad

MBBS in Ukraine
UniversitiesCourse DurationCourse Fees in USD$
Taras Shevchenko National University of KYIV6 Year30,500
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MBBS in China
UniversitiesCourse DurationCourse Fees in RMB¥
North Sichuan Medical University6 Year2,08,150
China Three Gorges6 Year1,49,000
jilin University6 Year2,03,400
China Medical University6 Year2,40,900
Fujian Medical University6 Year1,98,300
Anhui Medical University6 Year1,53,000
Wenzhou Medical University6 Year1,73,000
Zhengzhou University (ZU)6 Year2,03,000
Huazhing University of Science
and Technology University
6 Year2,39,600
Xiamen Medical University6 Year2,00,600
Xian Jaitong University6 Year2,46,200
Nanjing Medical University6 Year2,04,500
Ningxia Medical University6 Year1,76,000
Qingdao University6 Year1,96,600
Kunming Medical University6 Year2,02,500
Guangzhou Medical University6 Year1,82,000
Jiangsu University6 Year1,97,740
Shandong University6 Year2,62,500
Sichuan University6 Year2,12,600
MBBS In Belarus
UniversitiesCourse DurationCourse Fees in USD$
Belarusian State Medical University6 Year30,000
Grodno State Medical University6 Year27,600
Vitebsk State Medical University6 Year28,200
Gomel State Medical University6 Year27,900
MBBS in Kyrgyzstan
UniversitiesCourse DurationCourse Fees in USD$
Jalalabad State University5 Year17,280
Osh State University5 Year18,200
Kyrgyz State Medical Academy5 Year25,200
MBBS in Kazakhstan
UniversitiesCourse DurationCourse Fees in USD$
South Kazakhstan Medical Academy5 Year22,100
AL-FARABI Kazakh National University5 Year25,450
MBBS in Poland
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Medical University of Gdansk (MUG)6 Year2,64,300
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Akaki Tsereteli State University6 Year27,500
New Vision University6 Year33,000
European University6 Year28,800
Tbilisi State Medical University6 Year45,000
Caucasus International University6 Year30,000
Georgian American University6 Year23,500
David Tvildiani Medical University6 Year30,000
Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University6 Year36,000
Euroregional Teaching University6 Year21,000
SEU Georgian National University6 Year33,000
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UniversitiesCourse DurationCourse Fees in USD$
Crimea State Medical University6 Year23,500
People Friedship University Moscow6 Year66,300
Bashkir State Medical University6 Year29,000
Volgograd State Medical University6 Year40,080
Stavropol State Medical University6 Year36,000
Russian National Research Medical University M26 Year46,500
I.M Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University6 Year66,900
Northern State Medical University, Kranoder6 Year34,000
Kuban State Medical University, Ulyanovsk6 Year23,800
Ulyanovsk State Medical University, Ulyanovsk6 Year26,500
Yaroslavl State Medical University, Yarislavl6 Year18,000
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St. Theresa Medical University5 Year20000
Yerevan State Medical University6 Year30500
Yerevan Haybusak Medical University6 Year23000

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Bukovinian State Medical University MBBS 6 Year Subjects (Syllabus), Number of Lectures & Hours

SubjectLecturePracticalIndependent WorkTotal Hours
1st Course (I & II Semester)
Human Anatomy7221690378
Medical Biology,
Genetics &
Histology, Cytology
& Embryology
History of Medicine18181854
Latin Language &
Organic, Physical
Colloidal & BioOrganic Chemistry
Science & Medical Equipment
Russian Language--16072232
2nd Course (III & IV Semester)
Normal Physiology9018090360
Russian Language--16054214
Physical Training------524
3rd Course (V & VI Semester)
Bases of Psychology &
Social Medicine & Organization of
Health Protection Services
Pathological Anatomy729072234
Pharmacology & Medical Dispensing
of Medicines
Pathological Physiology729072234
Propedeutics of Children Diseases
with care of Children
Radial Diagnostics & Radial Therapy367254162
General Surgery with
Anesthesiology & Care of Patients
Topographic Anatomy16492489
Operative Surgery206030110
Propedeutics of Inner Diseases with
care of Patients
General Hygiene7212672270
4th Course (VII & VIII)
Obstetrics & Gynecology484860156
Remedial Gymnastics & Sport
Dermatoveneral Diseases13423085
Psychiatry, Narcology &
Medical Psychology
Nervous Diseases367254162
Faculty Pediatrics with Medical
Radiative Medicine12241854
Phthisiatry (Tuberculosis)18423090
Facultative Therapy with Physiotherapy5412690270
Economics of Health Protection10261854
Faculty Surgery449838180
5th Course (IX & X)
Hospital Therapy & Military Field
Occupational Diseases18423090
Traumatology & Orthopaedy18423090
Hospital Pediatry367254162
Hospital Surgery543046130
Pediatrics Surgery16363688
Infectious & Tropical Diseases427248162
Epidemiology & Military
Children Infectious
Urgent States Medicine of
Forensic Medicine334827108
Basics of Law18181854
Military Field Surgery10322668
6th Course (XI & XII)
Social Medicine & Organization of
Health Protection
Economics of Health Protection--28836
Internal Medicine1224012264
Infectious Diseases--7236108
Tropical Diseases--36--36
Clinical Pharmacology--361854
Children Infection Disease--7236108
Obstetrics & Gynecology--7236108
Pediatrics Surgery--7236108
Reanimatology (Intensive Care)--7236108
Surgical Disease--14472216
Clinical Immunology &
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