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Grodno State Medical University
Location Grodno 230009, Belarus
Founded 1958
Type Government
Duration 6 Year
Medium of Instruction 100% English
MCI listed 2019 Yes
WHO Approved Yes
NEET Passing Score Yes
Safety Index 62
Hostel Yes
Indian Food Mess Yes
Total Students -
Flight Time 10Hrs
Academic Staff -
Grodno State Medical University Fees Structure 2020
Location - Grodno 230009, Belarus
Year Tuition Fees $ Tuition Fees ₹
First Year 6900$
Second Year 4600$ 312,800₹
Third Year 4600$ 312,800₹
Fourth Year 4600$ 312,800₹
Fifth Year 4600$ 312,800₹
Sixth Year 4600$ 312,800₹
Total 29,900$ 2,033,200₹
1.) 1USD$ = 68 INR at time of Calculation
2.) One time Charge Included in First Year Fees 1500$
Medical Checkup, Medical Insurance & other
Miscellaneous Charge.
3.) Food Expenses is 100$ - 150$ Per Month.
4.) Hostel Charges is Excluded 800$ Per Year.
5.) For Updated Fees Structure Call us on 1800-270-8009 or 8860637009.
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About University

Mission of the University Preparing of the specialists popular with high academic, expert, social and individual capabilities in the field of general medicine, medical psychology, medical diagnostics, nursing, and pediatrics.

Improvement of the fundamental and applied sciences in the field of populace health promotion; the advancement of new technologies and their execution in experimental, prophylactic and clinical medicine.

Vision of Grodno State Medical University is  Picking up of the status of the main educational center in the health services system of Grodno area, Republic of Belarus and other world nations by methods for preparing of highly qualified specialists in the field of general medicine, medical psychology, medical diagnostics, nursing and paediatrics and by methods for improvement of the fundamental and applied sciences medical and social spheres.

History of The University

The Grodno State Medical Institute was set up in 1958, the primary enlistment of freshmen added up to 250.

On October 1, 1958, the Grodno State Medical Institute initiated academic studies (the main talk was conveyed by Prof. D.M.Golub from Minsk in Human Anatomy), and on October 15 the primary setting of the Academic Council occurred. To the main Institute, the organization had a place L.F.Supron – Rector (1958-1962), N.I.Arinchin – Vice-Rector for Research and Academic Affairs (1959-1960), V.I.Grusin – Vice-Rector for Management and Administration (1958-1961), G.I.Kiriliuk – Dean (1958-1962). Over the accompanying 36 years (from 1962 to 1998) the Institute was administered by Prof. Dmitri Maslakov. In 1964 the initial 248 medical doctors graduated on from the organization, 22 graduates were allowed Honors Diplomas. Toward the start of the 1960s, the primary average corridors of habitation were worked, in the 1980s the main lobby of living arrangement of bearing-wall construction was put into service.


Throughout the most recent 50 years, the Institute (and after that the University) graduated more than 16,000 physicians and graduate nurses. The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus expanded extensively enrollment in the University over late years.

During the 1990s, new (and the one of a kind in the Republic of Belarus at that) resources were built up: Faculty of Graduate Nurses (in 1991 – full-time department, in 1996 – part-time department) and Faculty of Mental Health Medicine (in 1993). Since 1992 International students have been prepared at the University (at present our medicinal University positions first among the organizations of higher learning in the city by the number of International Students). Over late years fare of educational services has been essentially expanded. In 2008 the Faculty of Medical Diagnostics was set up with two majors: “Medical Diagnostics” and “Nursing”.


The University has 5 faculties. The University offers five undergrad majors, 33 majors for clinical occupants, 20 residents for Ph.D. students. First master’s degree holders have been qualified.

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Document Required For MBBS in Grodno State Medical University

  1. Passport Original with Copy
  2. 10th & 12th Class Original Marksheet with Copy
  3. 6 Passport size photo on matt paper
  4. 6 Month updated bank statement STUDENTS/PARENTS
  5. Admission Letter with Copy
  6. Visa Application Form (filled)

Main Research Areas in Grodno State Medical University

1.) Elaboration of methods of diagnosis and treatment of myocardial infarction, heart rhythm disorders, chronic cardiac failure, arterial hypertension and other pathologies of cardiovascular system.

2.) Modern methods of diagnosis and surgical correction of the most common diseases of the liver, bile ducts and pancreas; consequences of cholestasis for adult and developing body.

3.) Elaboration of new techniques of reconstructive osteosynthesis with bone graft and metal implants and unipolar prosthesis with chondroprotective properties in managing patients with femoral neck fractures.

4.) Elaboration of methods of diagnosis and correction of placental insufficiency.

5.) Elaboration of methods of early diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of somatic pathology in children under modern ecological conditions.

6.) Developing innovation technologies for diagnosis and treatment of liver damage of infectious and non-infectious origin.

7.) Current approaches to diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of mental and behavioral disorders.

8.) Elaboration of modern methods of diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of vascular and demyelinating disorders of the nervous system.

9.) Health assessment of population based on the data on social and hygienic monitoring of preventive measures on health improvement.

10.) Alcoholism and drug addiction: epidemiology, pathogenesis, prophylaxis and treatment.

11.) Elaboration of innovative import-substituting drugs with metabolic effects.

12.) Systemic mechanisms of oxygen blood transport and correction of hypoxic conditions.

13.) Development and employment of modern technologies of medical education.

Clinical Work in Grodno State Medical University

The University staff of clinical divisions at the Educational Institution “Grodno State Medical University” is locked in alongside guidance and research in diagnostic and treatment work.

At present 25 clinical branches of the University are situated in various medical and prophylactic organizations of the city of Grodno, which are preparing medical “bases” of the University divisions.

The common relations between clinical departments and municipal medical and prophylactic institutions are resolved in affiliation understandings finished up between the Grodno State Medical University and the Directorate of Public Health of the Grodno Province Executive Committee, just as some medical and prophylactic organizations.

The administration and supervision of diagnostic and treatment work at the Educational Institution “Grodno State Medical University” is practiced by Ass. Prof. U.Zverko, Vice-Rector for Clinical Work.

Benefits of Studying MBBS in Grodno State Medical University

  1. Grodno State Medical University is one of the main medical universities in the Republic of Belarus.
  2. Recognitions of our University are perceived by the World Health Organization, Educational commission for foreign medical graduates, by the medical councils of India, Lithuania, the USA. The graduates of our University effectively affirm their recognition in Great Britain, Australia, Germany, India, Pakistan, Poland, Syria, the USA and in numerous different nations.
  3. In 2010 Grodno State Medical University turned into the main medical establishment of advanced education in the Republic of Belarus, which actualized and guaranteed the ISO 9001 Quality Management System compared to the National Quality Management System (Стб ISO 9001-2009) and to the German Quality Management System (DIN EN 9001-2008).
  4. Grodno State Medical University got into the TOP 500 rundown of the world’s best Universities.
  5. Global Students have been learning at the college since 1995. What’s more, since 2003 college has been giving training in English during the entire time of studying. At present 531 worldwide students from 30 nations of the world investigation at the college.
  6. The college works in a joint effort with instructive and research focus of Poland, Germany, Russia, and different nations.
  7. Our students have chances to do down to practical training abroad.
  8. Grodno is a perfect spot for living and studying. The atmosphere of comfort and agreeableness gives you a feeling of safety and comfort. Here you can feel at home.

Library of Grodno State Medical University

Grodno State Medical University has one of the greatest medical libraries in the nation. It incorporates more than 420000 copies of course readings just as different beneficial materials, CDs, restorative diaries, periodicals.

The library is associated with the Internet and offers on-line access to the biomedical database, digital catalogs, and furthermore uses forward-thinking enlightening innovations that permit broadening render services.

The students and academic staff can utilize such databases and connections as:

  1. full-text database of Wiley;
  2. Ovid;
  3. Springer;
  4. EBSCO Publishing;
  5. Cambridge University Press;
  6. electronic medical library “Doctor’s Consultant”

There is a comfortable library hall with the 20 PCs connected to the Internet for library users.

Student Hostel & Food Mess in Grodno State Medical University

  1. There are 4 student hostels alongside the main building of the University. They can suit 1840 students. Two of the structures are of level kind for example with connected bathroom (restroom and can) and a kitchen. The hostels are midway warmed (cooled). students hostel are completely outfitted. Ordinarily a few students share one room. There are isolated plans for the two young boys and young girls. At the lounge area outside students can set up their national food. Outside TV channels are accessible too. The upkeep faculty keeps the students’ hostels clean on the regular schedule and make every one of the students living in the hostel carefully observe the principles and guidelines.There is agreeable bottle at the University with rich wide range of dishes.

Sports at Grodno State Medical University

The University gives much consideration to students’ games activities. It is sorted out at the Department of Physical Training and Sport. The game club “Medic” facilitates every one of the sports activities of the University.

The University has great Sports offices: two large gyms, wrestling training room, running track.

The principle sports activities are volleyball, basketball, football, mini-football, athletics, draughts, chess, swimming, eurhythmics, judo, badminton, table tennis, arm wrestling, powerlifting, kettlebell lifting, and bodybuilding.

Sports groups of the University take an interest in regional provincial and republic sports rivalries and acquire remarkable results.

The training procedure is sorted out by the certified staff, among them: S.F. Sudak – Master of Sports in athletics, a world record breaker; N.V. Lunkina – the World Champion on poliathlon among veterans, the Referee of the Highest Qualification, the prize-victor of USSR titles; P.P. Kachnovich – the prize-victor of USSR race strolling titles.

Events at Grodno State Medical University

a student club is an understudy place for expressions and recreation exercises.

Today in excess of 600 talented boys and girls are individuals from various amateur clubs. Among them there are a people singing studio “Zaranitsa”, a society moves theater “Alma Dea”, a pop singing studio “Applause”, a performance center of design “Flawlessness”, KVN celebrations, and others. Clubs of novice exhibitions are visit victors and laureates of various regional and national contests and celebrations of student expressions.

The University has a few open associations, for example, Belarusian Republic Youth Union, Belarusian Medical Trade Union, Students’ Self-government, sorority house, political club, artistic cenacle “Purge”.

The University offers the chance to get a room in University hostels; there is a different level sort lodging for remote students close to the principle working of GrSMU.

students’ container offers a rich assortment of dishes and has to merit reputation among different other canteens of the city. The University container was granted the title of “The Best Trade Object of the Social Catering” (among municipal universities).

Official Video of Grodno State Medical University

Legislative Norms and Regulations For International Students

International citizens must follow the laws of our country and are obliged:

  1. to abide by the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus and other legislative acts of the Republic of Belarus, have respect for its national traditions, while staying on the territory of the Republic of Belarus;
  2. enter the Republic of Belarus having visa, an applicable passport and a migration card and move out of the Republic of Belarus.
  3. to register within 5 days (except for days off, national public holidays and feast days, proclaimed by the President of the Republic of Belarus as days of rest) in the registration authority in accordance with the place of actual temporary residence;
  4. to reside in the Republic of Belarus only in the residence place, that was stated in the documents by the registration authorities.
  5. to register in case of changing the place of residing within 5 days (except for days off, national public holidays and public holidays, proclaimed by the President of the Republic of Belarus as days of rest) in the registration authority in accordance with the place of new temporary residence; having valid documents;
  6. to address the University Dean’s Office of International Students for prolonging temporary registration validity not later than 15 days before the registration stops being valid;
  7. to depart the Republic of Belarus on the expiry of temporary residence period, determined for a certain foreign citizen;
  8. always have passport with you.

Legislative Norms and Regulations For Classes and Attendance

  1. Students must be well prepared for classes and be on time in the classroom. They are required to do all homework in different subjects, to enrich knowledge regularly. They are expected to pass exams at first attempt.
  2. Attendance is compulsory at our University. Any absence may have a negative effect on student learning and progress so our expectation is that students are in class regularly. Students should not miss classes except for excused (valid) reasons, such as illness, accidents, or participation in officially approved university activities (all reasons and proofs must be presented in written form as well as application letter containing your request to give an excused permit note and reasons for this).
  3. Being late is forbidden and equal to missing classes.
  4. Between the parts of a lesson students have some minutes break (interval). Students are not allowed to be late for the second part of their class as well as for the beginning of the class.
  5. There should be the leader (monitor) in each group who must appoint a person on duty in class and be responsible for the order in the group at any Department and for a quick and urgent contact with the Dean’s office and any lecturer.
  6. An individual’s dress, personal appearance, and cleanliness, as well as student’s behavior, demonstrate his/her respect to other people. Students are supposed to be appropriately dressed. Dress and grooming should be clean, not indecent. No coats, jackets, and outdoorwear garments may be worn in class. Students are expected to leave their overclothes in the cloakroom. Students may be sent home if their attire is deemed inappropriate by an official. No special uniforms are required at our educational institution. But you should be dressed according to place and to the weather taking care of your health. No summer clothes and footwear when temperature is low. In this case you should wear warm things.
  7. Students can leave the classroom only at the end of their class when the instructor gives the permission.
  8. Learning Russian is rather important and necessary for you. First of all for communication in the Russian speaking country where you will reside for 6 or 7-8 years and for having practical training beginning  from the third year. From the third year you should speak Russian in the Dean’s office as well.
  9. No personal cell phones (mobile phones) are allowed in class: students are expected to keep them on silent or off and put the phone into their bag. No sending messages are allowed. Emergency calls to and from parents should be made after classes.
  10. When students are absent within one or more classes, it is their duty to inform the Dean’s office of the absence reason. An absence should be authorized within one week. Students are required to receive and present the permit note to their lecturers for all missed classes.
  11. In case of excused (valid) absences, students will be expected and allowed to make-up missed lesson in a reasonable amount of time and free of charge.
  12. In case of an unexcused (invalid) absence students must make up the full – minutes class and besides, must pay for such making up missed classes before getting unexcused (invalid) reason permit note.
  13. The cost for making up missed practical classes is 62 000 Belarusian rubles for 1 academic hour which is longer than astronomic one. (e.g. the duration of the lesson is 1 hr. 40 min; it is equal 2 academic hours). The cost for making up missed lecture is 75 000 Belarusian rubles for 1 academic hour.
  14. The duration of the lecture is 1,3 academic hr. in the 1st – 5th years and its actual cost is 97 500 Belarusian rubles. In the 6th year the duration of the lecture is 2 academic hrs and its cost is 150 000 Belarusian rubles.
  15. You should always remember that if you have not made up missed classes by the end of the semester you will not get the stamp in your student’s Record book – “permitted to exams” and will not be allowed to start examination session with your group and it will be equal to failure of an exam at the first attempt.
  16. Be careful with your student’s Record book and do not lose it as well as your student’s pass (card).

Legislative Norms and Regulations In Hostel

  1. Students are expected to keep and must keep their rooms as well as public places, i.e. kitchen, toilet, shower room, corridor clean. Students must be on duty by turn according to the schedule in the block of rooms and clean their cooker, tables and take away rubbish (litter).
  2. It is forbidden to make any noise (playing music, singing, dancing, speaking loudly, receiving visitors, etc.) after 22o’clock (10 p.m.).
  3. You should observe general regulations from “Fire Safety Measures”.

Fire Safety Measures

The Tenant/Resident of hostel is obliged not to:

  1. smoke in the hostel territory and in housing premises;
  2. leave without supervision alive TV-sets, tape recorders, radio receivers, irons and other household appliances;
  3. use faulty wall sockets, switches, lighting boxes, plug forks, an electrical wiring with damaged isolation;
  4. use electric heating equipment for premises and cooking meals right in the housing premises;
  5. cover lamps with fabric or paper;
  6. switch several electro devices at the same time;
  7. come into a hostel in a drunken state and keep or drink alcohol in the hostel premises;
“101” Fire Service
“102” Police
“103” Emergency Medical Service
“104” Emergency Gas Service

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Vitebsk State Medical University

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Gomel State Medical University

Belarusian State Medical University
Belarusian State Medical University

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Grodno State Medical University 6 Year Subjects (Syllabus), Number of Lectures & Hours

SubjectLecturePracticalIndependent WorkTotal Hours
1st Course (I & II Semester)
Human Anatomy7221690378
Medical Biology,
Genetics &
Histology, Cytology
& Embryology
History of Medicine18181854
Latin Language &
Organic, Physical
Colloidal & BioOrganic Chemistry
Science & Medical Equipment
Russian Language--16072232
2nd Course (III & IV Semester)
Normal Physiology9018090360
Russian Language--16054214
Physical Training------524
3rd Course (V & VI Semester)
Bases of Psychology &
Social Medicine & Organization of
Health Protection Services
Pathological Anatomy729072234
Pharmacology & Medical Dispensing
of Medicines
Pathological Physiology729072234
Propedeutics of Children Diseases
with care of Children
Radial Diagnostics & Radial Therapy367254162
General Surgery with
Anesthesiology & Care of Patients
Topographic Anatomy16492489
Operative Surgery206030110
Propedeutics of Inner Diseases with
care of Patients
General Hygiene7212672270
4th Course (VII & VIII)
Obstetrics & Gynecology484860156
Remedial Gymnastics & Sport
Dermatoveneral Diseases13423085
Psychiatry, Narcology &
Medical Psychology
Nervous Diseases367254162
Faculty Pediatrics with Medical
Radiative Medicine12241854
Phthisiatry (Tuberculosis)18423090
Facultative Therapy with Physiotherapy5412690270
Economics of Health Protection10261854
Faculty Surgery449838180
5th Course (IX & X)
Hospital Therapy & Military Field
Occupational Diseases18423090
Traumatology & Orthopaedy18423090
Hospital Pediatry367254162
Hospital Surgery543046130
Pediatrics Surgery16363688
Infectious & Tropical Diseases427248162
Epidemiology & Military
Children Infectious
Urgent States Medicine of
Forensic Medicine334827108
Basics of Law18181854
Military Field Surgery10322668
6th Course (XI & XII)
Social Medicine & Organization of
Health Protection
Economics of Health Protection--28836
Internal Medicine1224012264
Infectious Diseases--7236108
Tropical Diseases--36--36
Clinical Pharmacology--361854
Children Infection Disease--7236108
Obstetrics & Gynecology--7236108
Pediatrics Surgery--7236108
Reanimatology (Intensive Care)--7236108
Surgical Disease--14472216
Clinical Immunology &