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The Jalalabad State  Medical University was started in the year 1993. It is a public institution which provides higher education in the fields of education, energy, electronics, medicine and agro-industrial complex. The main campus and three faculties of the university are located in Jalalabad while the rest are spread over in between Tash-Kumyr, Kara-Kul, Kochkar-Ata and Mayluu-Suu. The Jalal-Abad Pedagological School and the Zoological Veterinary School combined to become the Jalal-Abad State University.

The college of medicine runs with the aim of providing quality education in the field of medicine to raise professional and top graded doctors in the area without the need to go to other countries for the degrees and expertise and also minimising the need to spend on degrees on medicine.

  • Beautiful city
  • Indian students
  • Indian food
  • Good Education
  • Economical City
  • 2 hours flight from Bishkek, capital of Kyrgyzstan
  • 8 hours by Road from Bishkek

Features Of University

  • Faculty of Medicine.
  • Business and Pedagogical Faculty
  • Kara-Kul Technical Faculty
  • Tash-Kemur Technological Faculty
  • Technological Faculty
  • Zoological-Veterinary Technical School
  • Kockkor-Ata Electronic Technical College
  • Mayluu-Suu Electro-Mechanical College
  • The medium of instruction at the Faculty of Medicine is English and the programme is a complete professional educational one so that students can pursue their masters or professional career in their chosen specialities within Kyrgyzstan or outside. The knowledge provided within the Jalal-Abad Medical University is worthwhile outside the country and everywhere in the world since teaching is conducted by both national and international professors of repute. The university provides its students with an opportunity to work in hospitals such as Jalalabad City Hospital, Jalalabad Provincial Headquarters Hospital where they get an idea about the professional lives of doctors and how to deal with patients on a day to day basis. Paediatrics is given special emphasis from the third year at the Jalal-Abad Medical University. Other areas of study such as obstetrics, internal diseases, surgery and patient clinical care are also taught with care and with the aid of practical classes and practice.

Application Process


Submit your 10th and 12th certificate and mark sheet photocopy through email and also one scanned picture with registration amount.


If you don’t have passport with you then you certainly should apply at www.passportindia.gov.in and follow the steps. You can get your passport within 30-40 days at normal application.


You will receive your scanned admission letter within 10 days, original will take 20 days time.


Once you receive your passport, submit the front (the photo side) and back (the address side) by scanning and deposit the second instalment of Passport submission


Once the passport is received, it is applied to the University which sends Invitation letter in 30-40 days of time, it takes this much time because of verification process with Indian Embassy and other country Embassy where you take admission.


The University then sends the Invitation letter through courier which then submitted to the Embassy in India and third instalment has to be submitted, the application is reviewed and embassy stamps the visa within 7 days. The embassy can ask for interview call only if they want to ask some question based on the profile which is very rare.


On the basis of the visa stamped, the air tickets are booked for the country, at this time you pay the last instalment of processing fee.

University Fees For MBBS

Course Duration Medium Medical Insurance Hostel Maintenance Tuition Fee (1st Year) Tuition Fee (2nd – 6th Year)
MBBS (MD Physician) 6 years English $ 100/yr Included $ 5200 $ 4000

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