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Republic of Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan Flag
Kazakhstan Map
Largest city
Official languages Kazakh (official state language)
Russian (co-official)

.Chairman of the Security
.Prime Minister
.Unitary presidential constitutional
.Nursultan Nazarbayev

.Kassym-Jomart Tokayev
.Askar Mamin
• Total

• Water (%)

2,724,900 km2 (1,052,100 sq mi)

.2019 estimate


Steady 18,448,600

7/km2 (18.1/sq mi)
Currency Tenge (₸) (KZT)
Time zone UTC+5 / +6 (West / East)
Driving side right
Calling code +7-6xx, +7-7xx
ISO 3166 code KZ
Internet TLD .kz

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About Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan, a U.S. partner in areas such as counterterrorism, regional security, and nuclear nonproliferation, is a strategically situated country endowed with significant hydrocarbon and mineral resources. It shares long borders with Russia to the north and China to the east. Although sparsely populated, Kazakhstan is the world’s ninth-largest country by area. Previously a republic of the Soviet Union, Kazakhstan became independent in 1991. Since then, the country’s authoritarian government has introduced significant market reforms, developed the energy sector, and moved to diversify its economy. Kazakhstan pursues a “multi-vector” foreign policy, seeking to balance relations with major powers while actively participating in international organizations. And also Kazakhstan is very popular destination for Indian Students for doing MBBS in Kazakhstan.


Why Choose MBBS For Kazakhstan

Food and Accommodation in Kyrgyzstan For MBBS Students –

Living is very simple and cheap for International Students who Choose for MBBS in Kazakhstan there are lots of option available for International or Indian Students. Either Student can choose Universities Hostels or stay outside with any friend on rent, lots of options are available in Kazakhstan.

Food in the country is greatly influenced by its neighborhoods  countires like china to russia to Europe to India Food, all variety of Food are available in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan is Completely safe for study MBBS in Kazakstan not very congested and Not Polluted either.

Climate of Kazakhstan –

Climate: Because Kazakhstan has no exposure to maritime weather patterns, the entire country has a continental climate featuring cold winters and hot summers. Rainfall, which varies from 100 to 200 millimeters per year, generally is heaviest in the south and in the eastern mountains.

Health Care in Kazakhstan –

In principle, health care is free in Kazakhstan.

The Most Common Disease  are respiratory infections, cardiovascular conditions, and

Culture in Kazakhstan –

The country is nominally Muslim, but there are few outward signs of this. Mosques are not frequently seen or heard. The many years of Soviet rule, when religion was downplayed, have diluted its importance in the country as a whole.


Capital Of Kazakhstan:

Astana (formerly Aqmola) became the official capital of Kazakhstan in 1997, succeeding Almaty (formerly Alma-Ata) and moving the national government from the far southeast to the industrial north.


Other Major Cities of Kazakhstan –

Almaty, Karaganda, Öskemen, Pavlodar, Shymkent, and Taraz.


Public Holidays in Kazakhstan –

The national holiday is October 25, Republic Day. Other holidays are International Women’s Day (March 8), Novruz (spring equinox, March 21–22), Unification Day (May 1), Victory Day (May 9), Constitution Day (August 30), and Independence Day (December 16). Russian Orthodox citizens celebrate Christmas on January 7.

MBBS in Ukraine - Universities & Hostel Videos

AL-Farabi Kazakh National Univeristy – Harmony Of Heritage And Advanced Technology


  • MBBS in Kyrgyzstan Duration is 5 Years only.
  • Outstanding Hostel and Indian Food Mess Facility in Kyrgyzstan For Medical Students.
  • In Which University we Provide admission all are MCI, WHO, USMLE, IMED, GMC Approved.
  • Cheapest Tuition Fees as we Compared Other Countries For MBBS.
  • No Donation or Capitation Fees For MBBS in Kazakhstan.
  • After completing MBBS from Kazakhstan Student Can Practise their Medical from any part of World.


  • MBBS in Kazakhstan, Universities are more focus on Practical education than theory its help students to clear MCI Exam easily.
  • Direct Flight available for India to Almaty ( City of Kazakhstan).
  • All Universities are equiped with Moder and Technology and Great Infrastructure.
  • Globally approved degree of MBBS in Kazakhstan
  • No IELTS or TOFEL Exam for doing MBBS in Kazakhstan
  • Student get the Opportunity to go for Exchange Programs in Other Countries.

MCI Approved Medical Universities In Kazakhstan:


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Fees Structure of MBBS in Kazakhstan

South Kazakhstan Medical Academy Fees Structure
Location - Al-Farabi square, Shymkent, South Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan
Year Tuition Fees $ Tuition Fees ₹
First Year 4700 3,19,600
Secind Year 3600 2,34,000
Third Year 3600 2,34,000
Fourth Year 3600 2,34,000
Fifth Year 3600 2,34,000
Total 19,100 1,298,800
1.) 1 USD = 68 INR  at the time of Calculation.
2.) First Year Fees is 4700USD$ = 3600$ + 1100$. 1100 USD$ is One-time
     charge which includes other Miscellaneous Charges.  
2.) Hostel fees are not Included 600 USD$/Year
3.) Food Expenses is Excluded 100$ - 150$ Per Month
4.) For Updated Fees Structure Call us on 1800-270-8009.
Al- Farabi Kazakh National University Fees Structure
Location - Almaty 050040, Kazakhstan
Year Tuition Fees $ Tuition Fees ₹
First Year 5190 352920
Secind Year 4190 2,84,000
Third Year 4190 2,84,000
Fourth Year 4190 2,84,000
Fifth Year 4190 2,84,000
Total 21,950 1,492,600
1.) 1 USD = 68 INR at the time of Calculation.
2.) First Year Fees is 5190USD$ = 4190$ + 1100$. 1100 USD$ is One-time
charge which includes other Miscellaneous Charges.
2.) Hostel fees are not Included 700 USD$/Year
3.) Food Expenses is Excluded 100$ - 200$ Per Month
4.) For Updated Fees Structure Call us on 1800-270-8009.

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Bookmyuniversity services List

  • Counseling by Yukti Belwal
  • Helping You Find Best University Under Your Budget
  • Documentation
  • Provisional Admission
  • Admission Letter
  • Bank Loan Assistance
  • Attestations & Legalisation
  • Eligibility Certificate application
  • University Admission
  • Visa Profiling
  • Visa Application
  • One way air ticket from IGI, New Delhi to Country you Have selected
  • Pre-departure briefing at head office
  • Airport Pick-up from the Country Airport
  • Free 10min Call with parents, from the destination airport after Custom clearance.
  • Travel arrangements from the country airport to respective University Hostels.
  • Hostel Room Allotments
  • Free Meals to Students for initial days
  • Introducing to the country; tour of the University campus, City
  • 1st Year Medical Check-up assistance.
  • NEET-PG, USMLE, AMC, PLAB exam Guidance from the 4th Year (Paid Basis).
  • Biannual Progress report to parents from head office via SMS, Email or India-Post.

Fact about Kazakhstan

  • Kazakhstan is the 9th Largest Nation in the World with Huge Land space but having low Population only 16 Million.
  • World Largest Landlocked Nation in the World, Russia to North, China to west, Uzbekistan to south and Caspian Sea in western Borders.
  • Most of the Nation is flat and barren.
  • Lake, Balkhash one of the biggest & Unique Lake of the world. The half water in Lake is saline water and half water in Fresh Water.

List of Document Required For MBBS in Kazakhstan, Visa Application & Eligibility Criteria

  • Original Passport
  • 12th marksheet
  • NEET Exam Certificate
  • Passport Size Photograph (in White Background)
  • Digital Photo Above Shoulder in White Background to be sent on email.
  • Bank statement of father or mother (6 Month original Bank  Statement with bank  stamp on it and with minimum balance not less tha Rs. 4.5 Lakhs). In Case if account is opened less than 6 month than letter from bank manager stating when the account was opened.
  1. Minimum 50% aggregate in PCB.
  2. Valid Passport (If you have).
  3. 10 Photographs, size 3×4 cm.
5 Years Sep 1st week July & August

Map of Kazakhstan


Other Popular Countries for MBBS Abroad

Top Country For MBBS AbroadCourse DurationTution Fees Complete CourseHostelBook Your MBBS Seat Online
MBBS in Ukraine6 Year15 Lacs*500 - 1000 USD$/Year
MBBS in Belarus6 Year18 Lacs*60 - 85 USD$/ Month
MBBS in China5 Year14 Lacs*5000 RMB / Year
MBBS in Georgia5-6 Year14 Lacs*800 - 1000 USD$/ Year
MBBS in Kyrgyzstan5 Year11 Lacs*500 USD$/ Year
MBBS in Russia6 Year12 Lacs*500 - 1000 USD$ / Year

Cost of Living in Kazakhstan or Expenses in Kazakhstan

Basic lunchtime menu (including a drink)
in the business district
Combo meal in fast food restaurant
(Big Mac Meal or similar)
1,634 KZT
500 gr (1 lb.) of boneless chicken breast676 KZT
1 liter (1 qt.) of whole fat milk318 KZT
12 eggs, large423 KZT
1 kg (2 lb.) of tomatoes514 KZT
500 gr (16 oz.) of local cheese1,350 KZT
1 kg (2 lb.) of apples434 KZT
1 kg (2 lb.) of potatoes145 KZT
0.5 l (16 oz) domestic beer
in the supermarket
309 KZT
1 bottle of red table wine, good quality2,627 KZT
2 liters of Coca-Cola368 KZT
Bread for 2 people for 1 day134 KZT
Monthly rent for 85 m2 (900 Sqft) furnished
accommodation in EXPENSIVE area
253,110 KZT
Monthly rent for 85 m2 (900 Sqft)
furnished accommodation in NORMAL area
138,198 KZT
Utilities 1 month (heating, electricity)
for 2 people in 85m2 flat
21,350 KZT
Monthly rent for a 45 m2 (480 Sqft)
furnished studio in EXPENSIVE area
171,947 KZT
Monthly rent for a 45 m2 (480 Sqft)
furnished studio in NORMAL area
101,313 KZT
Utilities 1 month (heating, electricity)
for 1 person in 45 m2 (480 Sqft) studio
12,270 KZT
Internet 8 Mbps (1 month)4,170 KZT
40” flat screen TV127,499 KZT
Microwave 800/900 Watt
(Bosch, Panasonic, LG, Sharp)
43,843 KZT
Laundry detergent (3 l. ~ 100 oz.)2,661 KZT
Hourly rate for cleaning help1,807 KZT
Personal CareCost
Cold medicine for 6 days (Tylenol,
Frenadol, Coldrex, or equivalent brands)
1,929 KZT
1 box of antibiotics (12 doses)4,350 KZT
Short visit to private Doctor (15 minutes)5,000 KZT
1 box of 32 tampons (Tampax, OB)1,315 KZT
Deodorant, roll-on (50ml ~ 1.5 oz.)1,427 KZT
Hair shampoo 2-in-1 (400 ml ~ 12 oz.)1,028 KZT
Tube of toothpaste602 KZT
Standard men's haircut in expat
area of the city
4,000 KZT
4 rolls of toilet paper469 KZT
Volkswagen Golf 1.4 TSI 150 CV
(or equivalent), with no extras, new
6,624,120 KZT
1 liter (1/4 gallon) of gas167 KZT
Monthly ticket public transport5,356 KZT

USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination)

We are confident that this guide will help you succeed with this important examination sequence.

As you may already know, the USMLE is composed of Step 1 Clinical Skills (CS), Step 2 Clinical Knowledge (CK), and Step 3. Each Step gets you closer to achieving your goal of obtaining a license to practice medicine in the US.

The Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) and the National Board of Medical Examiners® (NBME®) work together to co-sponsor the USMLE. We know that taking the USMLE Step exams is an important part of medical training. Passing each Step marks a milestone as you begin the next phase in your education.


QUICK FACTS: Eligibility for the USMLE Steps

Eligibility Criteria for the USMLE
STEPS 1, 2 CK, AND 2 CS • Officially enrolled in, or a graduate of, a US or
Canadian medical school leading to the MD degree
(LCME accredited), OR
• Officially enrolled in, or a graduate of, a US
medical school leading to the DO degree (AOA
accredited), OR
• Officially enrolled in, or a graduate of, a medical
school outside the US and Canada listed in the
World Directory of Medical Schools as meeting
ECFMG eligibility requirements; and meet other
ECFMG criteria
• Must meet eligibility requirements
at time of application AND on test
• If you are dismissed or withdraw(n)
from medical school, you are not
eligible for the USMLE, even if you
are appealing the school’s decision
or are otherwise contesting your
STEP 3 • Possess the MD degree (or its equivalent) or the
DO degree from an LCME- or AOA-accredited US
or Canadian medical school or from a medical
school outside the US and Canada listed in the
World Directory of Medical Schools as meeting
ECFMG eligibility requirements, AND
• Pass Step 1, Step 2 CK, and Step 2 CS, AND
• If you are a graduate of a medical school
outside the US and Canada possess the
ECFMG certification
• Must meet eligibility
requirements prior to submitting
your application AND on the day
of testing

Retakes, Attempts & Time Limits of USMLE

You may take the same examination no more than three times
within a 12-month period. Your fourth and subsequent
attempts must be at least 12 months after your first attempt at
that examination and at least six months after your most recent
attempt at that examination.
If you have passed an examination, you are not permitted to
retake a Step or Step Component, except to comply with certain
requirements as approved by the USMLE governance
You are ineligible to retake a Step or Step Component if you
have made six or more prior attempts to pass that Step or Step
Component, including incomplete attempts, regardless of when
the examinations were taken.
Many state medical boards require that all Steps of the USMLE
be successfully completed within a certain time frame, usually
seven years.

Information regarding specific state requirements can be
obtained on the FSMB website.

Applying and Scheduling of USMLE

Applying and Scheduling of USMLE
STEPS 1 AND 2 CK Students/graduates of LCME- or AOAaccredited
programs should apply via the NBME
Application website
• Students/graduates of medical schools outside
the US/Canada should apply via the ECFMG
Application website
• During the application process, select a three-month
eligibility period during which you prefer to test
• You will receive an e-mail notifying you that your
scheduling permit is available
• Visit the Prometric website to schedule your test date
• You may be able to schedule your test date
up to six months in advance
• If you are unable to test within your eligibility
period, contact the organization that
registered you for your examination (NBME
or ECFMG) to inquire about a one-time
eligibility period extension; a fee is charged
for this service
• If you do not take the examination within
your eligibility period, you must reapply with
a new application and fee
• Your application fee is nonrefundable
STEP 2 CS • Students/graduates of LCME- or AOAaccredited programs
should apply viathe NBME Application website
• Students/graduates of medical schools
outside the US/Canada should apply via
the ECFMG Application website
• You will be assigned a 12-month
eligibility period, which begins upon
acceptance and verification of your
• You will receive an e-mail notifying you
that your scheduling permit is available
• Visit the USMLE website to schedule your
test date
Once assigned, your eligibility period
cannot be changed
• If you do not take the examination within
your assigned eligibility period, you must
submit a new application and fee
• Your application fee is nonrefundable
STEP 3 • All graduates should apply for Step 3 via the FSMB website
• During the application process, selecta three-month
eligibility period during which you prefer to test
• You will receive an e-mail notifying you that your
scheduling permit is available
• Visit the Prometric website to schedule your test dates
• You may be able to schedule your test
dates up to six months in advance
• If you are unable to test within your eligibility
period, contact the FSMB to inquire about a
one-time eligibility period extension; a fee is
charged and restrictions may apply. Visit the
FSMB website for more information
• If you do not take the examination within
your eligibility period, you must reapply with
a new application and fee
• Your application fee is nonrefundable

PLAB - Professional Linguistics Assessment Board

1.) What is PLAB?

PLAB is an abbreviated form of Professional Linguistics Assessment Board. We give this exam to obtain full registration of GMC (General Medical Council) in order to have a license to practice medicine or to apply or post graduate training positions in United Kingdom (UK).

PLAB is an examination divided into 2 parts i.e; PLAB 1 and PLAB 2.
PLAB 1: It is a written examination, testing candidates on their clinical knowledge, precisely in the subjects of Medicine, Surgery, Paediatrics, Gynaecology/Obstetrics, Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology and Basic Sciences.
PLAB 2: It is an OSCE based examination. Candidates are required to show competency in clinical and communication skills in order to pass the test.


2.) Why United Kingdom?

United Kingdom has been and will always be the home ground of medicine. It won’t be wrong to say that most of the fundamental advances in medicine happened in United Kingdom. Their holistic approach to medicine is followed and respected worldwide. Having your training from UK at one of the prestigious Royal Colleges will ensure a prosperous career and, many international doors will open for you.

3.) What is the Eligibility for PLAB?

  1. You need to have completed your MBBS Degree in order to apply for PLAB. Completion of House Job is NOT required to appear for the examinations.
  2. You need to have given the IELTS Language Assessment Test in order to appear for the PLAB. You will need to score at least 7.5 bands in each section in IELTS to be eligible.


3.) What is IELTS? 

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test is a test of English language conducted by the British Council all over the world. You can apply for the test and appear in the test in your local British Council office. The test has 4 parts or bands, listening, reading, writing and speaking. Each band has a maximum score of 9. There is also an overall band score (maximum 9), which is the average of the 4 individual band scores. To be eligible to appear in PLAB part 1 one must achieve a minimum overall band score of 7.5 and must achieve no less than 7 in each of the four areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Make sure you appear for the ACADEMIC version of IELTS.


More About PLAB

Popular Universities for MBBS in Ukraine

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University
Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

South Kazakhstan Medical Academy
South Kazakhstan Medical Academy

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MBBS in Kazakhstan Syllabus 5 Year

SubjectLecturePracticalIndependent WorkTotal Hours
1st Course (I & II Semester)
Human Anatomy7221690378
Medical Biology,
Genetics &
Histology, Cytology
& Embryology
History of Medicine18181854
Latin Language &
Organic, Physical
Colloidal & BioOrganic Chemistry
Science & Medical Equipment
Russian Language--16072232
2nd Course (III & IV Semester)
Normal Physiology9018090360
Russian Language--16054214
Physical Training------524
3rd Course (V & VI Semester)
Bases of Psychology &
Social Medicine & Organization of
Health Protection Services
Pathological Anatomy729072234
Pharmacology & Medical Dispensing
of Medicines
Pathological Physiology729072234
Propedeutics of Children Diseases
with care of Children
Radial Diagnostics & Radial Therapy367254162
General Surgery with
Anesthesiology & Care of Patients
Topographic Anatomy16492489
Operative Surgery206030110
Propedeutics of Inner Diseases with
care of Patients
General Hygiene7212672270
4th Course (VII & VIII)
Obstetrics & Gynecology484860156
Remedial Gymnastics & Sport
Dermatoveneral Diseases13423085
Psychiatry, Narcology &
Medical Psychology
Nervous Diseases367254162
Faculty Pediatrics with Medical
Radiative Medicine12241854
Phthisiatry (Tuberculosis)18423090
Facultative Therapy with Physiotherapy5412690270
Economics of Health Protection10261854
Faculty Surgery449838180
5th Course (IX & X)
Hospital Therapy & Military Field
Occupational Diseases18423090
Traumatology & Orthopaedy18423090
Hospital Pediatry367254162
Hospital Surgery543046130
Pediatrics Surgery16363688
Infectious & Tropical Diseases427248162
Epidemiology & Military
Children Infectious
Urgent States Medicine of
Forensic Medicine334827108
Basics of Law18181854
Military Field Surgery10322668
6th Course (XI & XII)
Social Medicine & Organization of
Health Protection
Economics of Health Protection--28836
Internal Medicine1224012264
Infectious Diseases--7236108
Tropical Diseases--36--36
Clinical Pharmacology--361854
Children Infection Disease--7236108
Obstetrics & Gynecology--7236108
Pediatrics Surgery--7236108
Reanimatology (Intensive Care)--7236108
Surgical Disease--14472216
Clinical Immunology &

Is there any special provision for International students to solve their any personal problems or queries?

Every university has an International Students Department where students could address their problems directly.

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How student is going to pay the tution fees and other fees?

They can be paid directly to the university applied for and also the medical board of the country where the students want to do the internships.

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Can i do my internship from my country?

Yes, but it also depends on the university applied for and also the medical board of the country where the students want to do the internships.

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Is vegetarian foods available?

Yes. Vegetarian food is available. If needed: Pure vegetarians can cook their own food so that they happy about what they eat.

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What are the benefits given to students joining through our company?

  1. We are authorized by the Universities
  2. We have over a decade of experience in dealing with students.
  3. We have plenty of information and tips of value to students and parents for the course.
  4. We provide networking with doctors in USA & UK for those wanting to go overseas for jobs
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Is there any local bodies who can help me providing the overall info?

We have representatives in various cities.

Please send your query to us and we shall send it to our local representative office and they would be getting in touch with you.

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What are the facilities in hostel ?

a.) Washing Machine

b.) Hot water

c.) Free electric stoves for cooking

d.) Change the bed sheet every 2-3 weeks for free

e.) Free Electricity

f.) Security Guard

g.) Hostel Warden

i.)High-speed internet with 10 Mbps speed. Cost around Rs. 600 a month.

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Can my parent visit me in University abroad? Can i travel in my holidays or stay back abroad?

a.) Parents/Friends/relatives of students can visit, invitations can be issued from that country to facilitate visa processing in New Delhi.

b.) There are two holidays in a year. 15 days in January and 2 months in summer (July and August). During holidays – Students have the options of staying back there or traveling in Europe or coming back to India to spend time with their family.


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How does one apply for passport adn what document would i need?

You need to either apply for your passport online and apply. The passport application process is moving online. Visit www.passportindia.gov.in The website contain the name, address, and phone number of passport offices all over India. You can submit your application online or via a form. In some cases, the application is being received online only. We recommended that you apply for your passport immedaitely. Fill out the form on the net and you get an appointment date. Normally takes SIX to EIGHT weeks to receive a NEW passport. The following documents are needed for the application of your passport

  1. Your Bith Certificate
  2. Proof of residence & proof of identity
  3. Certificate of educational qualifications
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Is the bachelor’s Degree recognized in India and abroad?

YES, The Bachelor’s degree is recognized in India and in more than 180 countries around the World. Graduates can practice in the following countries after completing formalities as needed by each country:

1.India: After clearing a Screening test conducted by the National Council of Education. The test held is twice a year.

2. United Kingdom: After passing the PLAB Examination.

3. United state of America: After clearing the USMLE

4. European Union (EU): The degree is recognized by the European Union.

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Can I do Masters or Post Graduation there?

Yes. After completion of MBBS degree from India/ Abroad or any recognized Institute, you can pursue P.G studies abroad. The quality of education abroad is very high – as the Institute’s teachers not only at the bachelors – but also the masters and PHD level.

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Is Foreign Medical Colleges are listed in the World Health Organization (WHO) Directory?

YES. It is listed in the WHO Directory of Medical Institutions. WHO publishes a list of Medical Colleges given by Various countries.

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Can i get Bank Loan and to what Extent?

As per RBI regulation Students pursuing education abroad can obtain a loan up to Rs. 15 Lacs. visit the local branch to find the terms. Amount sanctioned depend on Income proof of Parents. i.e last three-year income Tax return / or salary Certificate.  You will have to satisfy the criteria that the bank will apply. Visit the local branch of Nationalized banks in your area to find out more.

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Are there any Indian students already studying in these colleges?

500-1200 Indian students are studying in each college listed in this brochure. There are many Indian Boys and Girls from India.

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What kind of Food will i get in Foreign Countries?

a. Students can cook their food own food – Kitchen Facilities are available.

b. Indian Canteens and restaurants are available in the city and near the university’s premises.

c. Establishment of a dedicated low-cost canteen serving Indian food for international students in the hostel premises is under consideration by the university.

d. All food items such as Rice, dal, potatoes, flour, pizzas, fruits, spices, tea, milk, butter, etc are available for sale in the markets and bazaars.

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How many times can i appear in the Screening Test?

There is no limit on the number of attempts in the screening test. A sincere student will pass the screening test in the first attempt. It is a Qualifying test similar to class 12 test. It is Not an Elimination test such as PMT.

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Can i get a job in Government Hospitals or applied in Medical Institutions of India?

YES, After registring with MCI, the Doctor can apply for Government & Private jobs or do his/her own practice, as the person is now recognized by the Indian Authorities as a qualified Doctor.

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Can I practice in India on my return, after MBBS/MD degree from Abroad?

YES. As per the current rules of the medical council of India (MCI), you can practice in India. After graduating from abroad, you have to appear for a “Screening test” conducted by the national board of education (NBE), New Delhi. On clearing this test you need to register with MCI and comply with their rules and then you will get registration which will allow you to practice Medicine in Inda.

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