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OSH State University, Kyrgyzstan
Location Osh
Founded 1993
Type Government University
Duration 5 Year
Medium 100% English
MCI listed 2019 Yes
MCI Passing Ratio 12%
Saftey Index 51%
Hostel Yes
Indian Food Mess Yes
Total Student 41,000
Flight time 3Hrs, 20Min
Academic Staff 2502
OSH State University Fees Structure 2019
Location - OSH, Kyrgyzstan
Year Tuition Fees $ Tuition Fees ₹
First Year 6500 442000
Second Year 3200 217600
Third Year 3200 217600
Fourth Year 3200 217600
Fifth Year 3200 217600
Total 19300 1,312,400
1.) At time of Calculation 1 USD = 68 INR
2.) First Year Tution Fees Include One time - First Year
Hostel Charge + Other Miscellaneous Charges
3.) From Second Year Hostel is Excluded - 500USD$/Year
4.) Medical Insurence & Visa Extension is Excluded
5.) Food Expense is 100$ - 150$ Per Month Excluded.
6.) For Updated Fees Structure call us on 1800-270-8009.
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About OSH State University

Osh State University is the main Educational, Cultural and Scientific Research center of the Kyrgyz Republic or Kyrgyzstan. It is one of the most distinguished, prestigious and developed university of the Central Asia and Eurasian region. The city of Osh gives a remarkable setting to the urban campus of OshSU (OSH State University). Faculties of the University prepare specialists to react to all the region’s needs. Osh State University is Member of World Association of Universities and Colleges (WAUC), Association of European Universities (EUA), East European Universities Association. European Association for International Education (EAIE) Global Alliance for Transnational Education (GATE), Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World (FUIW), International Association of Universities under UNESCO.

International Medical Faculty

Medical staff, Osh State University has been preparing Indian(Foreign) Students since 1993. During the long periods of its existence Medical faculty, Osh State University has prepared Indian (Foreign) Students from in excess of twenty nations. In 2015 Foreign students department of Medical Faculty was organized as International Medical Faculty. At present more than 1500 foreign students are studying at International Medical faculty from countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Turkey, United States, United Kingdom and others.

osh state university

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Campus of OSH State University

A campus of International Medical Faculty is located in the South-Eastern part of the city, It is surrounded by beautiful mountains and Ak-buura river passes through the campus. International Medical Faculty OshSU has got a state of the art newly purpose-built campus with Classrooms, Lecture theatres, Laboratories, Museums, Dissections halls, and library. Essential medical sciences divisions are situated in the Educational campus of the staff while Clinical Sciences offices in medical hospitals and clinics. Our campus empowers faculty, students, and staff to take full advantage of the opportunities through state-of-the-art facilities and beautifully designed spaces. Our Educational campus is the essential hub point for our educational activities. Notwithstanding adaptable learning spaces, campus houses meeting offices, a student lounge and the most health-care simulation preparing office in the district. The comprehensive study is elevated to students by giving them contemporary auditoriums halls with sound/visual innovation, completely prepared library and PC focus. A helpful cafeteria is accessible just as various regular territories accessible for study and relaxation. All building structures are outfitted with high speed wired and a wireless internet connection, while outside structures are obliged with breezeways.

osh state university

Affiliated Hospitals of OSH State University

With regard to clinical experience, International Medical faculty OshSU(OSH State University) offers students unrivaled variety in which to learn. It is affiliated with 10 Government sector hospitals of Osh city – all within a fifteen-minute drive of the Faculty campus – that serve not only more than a million people of Osh Oblast but 2.5 million people of the whole Southern Kyrgyzstan, of diverse backgrounds and socioeconomic status. At International Medical Faculty OshSU, the road to becoming a physician takes students to these hospitals. These hospitals provide a range of diverse training opportunities for medical students and residents.

At International Medical Faculty OshSU, we provide students with the chance to learn and practice in multiple clinical settings at some of the best teaching hospitals in the region Affiliated teaching hospitals are viewed as an extension of our research expertise. Our teaching hospitals provide a broad range of primary, secondary and tertiary medical and surgical services to the patients in more than 40 medical and surgical specialties and sub-specialties.

Our teaching hospitals are recognized for their outstanding clinical care and commitment to the academic excellence.

All hospitals are equipped with modern facilities to train students at a high scientific and professional level. In particular, all types of modern diagnostic and treatment are widely used.

General Medicine MD Program in OSH State University

General Medicine MD Program Medical Faculty Osh State University offers English medium general medicine MD program for Indian(Foreign) Students, a moderate education cost, and high caliber of education make it the most loved favorite university of Central Asia just as CIS states. Several Indian (Foreign) Students have moved on from Osh state university in recent decades, now registered with medical councils in their countries, and are taking a shot at significant situations in their fields. Educators are profoundly qualified and experienced. A considerable lot of them are Candidate of Medical Sciences or Doctor of Medical Sciences (Ph.D.). Numerous exceptional researchers worked at the Medical Faculty, Osh state university, and contributed a lot to the fast improvement of the Medical faculty as an incredible logical therapeutic and instructive focus in southern Kyrgyzstan. At present, the doctors with Osh State University degrees are working in various nations of Asia, Africa, the European Union, and America. It demonstrates the full acknowledgment of Our English medium General Medicine MD program everywhere throughout the world. Having an MD degree regularly sets your course throughout everyday life. For a long time, you’ll be prepared widely in medical subjects. You’ll exhibit professionalism and leadership skills, cooperate with patients, and legitimately convey care even before you graduate. A ton goes into being a doctor. However, you realize that, and you’re prepared for the challenge to begin. Possibly, you’ve been ready for this your entire life.

As a doctor, you’ll be a significant piece of People’s lives-during all sorts of challenges. Their experts, their ally, and their translator at every major point in the human experience. It’s a rapidly changing world for doctors, and we’re at the forefront, leading the leaders of tomorrow. We look forward to sharing our passion for the work that we do and helping you realize your dream of becoming a physician.

Find out how we are changing the Future of Medicine!

An Active Learning Model – 

Engaging, interactive classes foster creative problem-solving skills and teamwork. Clinical opportunities are available throughout Osh in hospitals and clinics, preparing you for medical practice in rural or urban settings and to care for a diverse array of patients. Our graduates stand out as leaders prepared to manage and leverage expertise on the cross-disciplinary team-a signature of today’s health care environment.

A variety of real-world experience options 

Our MD program is flexible and designed to accommodate your unique interests and goals. Whether you know your calling already or need more time to decide which kind of doctor you’ll be, we have a supportive faculty and a variety of real-world experience options to help make you a good doctor.

Excellence in clinical medicine, research, education, and health care leadership

Osh State University affiliated hospitals rank top for primary care and Our clinical departments for research. Teachers at Osh State University are leaders in five key research areas: cancer, brain diseases, diabetes, infectious disease, and cardiovascular disease. Medical students train at a variety of clinics and training hospitals in Osh city. students have access to various systems of health care, quality practical experiences, and multiple specialized elective experiences.

Our curriculum model provides students with an exceptional learning experience. You will engage with faculty preceptors, patients, and peers for several months to year, all while achieving your core competencies. you will work with your classmatesyour peers-in an environment characterized by professionalism, including honesty, integrity and collegiality.

Outstanding Education

Education is our very reason for being. That could be why Osh State University is the most popular and leading university of the region. Our systems-based integrated curriculum is driven by experts and powered by student input. Fostering relationships with patients, peers and mentors begins on day one and grows with opportunities such as the Initial Clinical Experience, Paths of Excellence and Leadership Program. Increasing independence, focus on clinical experiences and time for career exploration over the six years prepares students for a seamless transition to residency.

We’re driven to discover 

We are deeply committed to the “Driven to Discover” motto that drives our University. Our students are encouraged to explore research opportunities and remain curious-never practicing medicine by rote-but staying active and engaged with the care they provide each day.

Global Impact

Making connections with patients in every type of healthcare setting is a big part of the IMF OshSU experience. Whether it’s on campus, in our community or across the world, our students and faculty are engaged in global health care, education and research on every level.

Culture of Inclusion

We value diversity in all its forms. It’s at the heart of a healthy, well-rounded medical education. We strive to maintain a global environment at university, our students come from more than twenty countries so students can expect to rub shoulders with peers from different countries and cultures and, through these interactions, learn how to better relate with their future patients.

Clinical facilities

 In addition to state-of-the-art clinical and research facilities on campus, our Medical faculty has clinical departments in all the Government hospitals, clinics and medical centers of the city. We have Classrooms, lecture theatres, and labs in these hospitals.


The curriculum at International Medical Faculty, Osh State University is tailored to meet the needs of foreign students. Key elements in our medical school curriculum include:

Integrating basic science and clinical learning across the years of medical education.

Direct faculty feedback for ongoing student learning and improvement. Active, experiential learning.

Competency-based student assessment.

Our Curriculum is designed to help you become:

Highly professional, ethical, and curious – with an approach to analyzing clinical problems that are patient-centered, informed by the literature, and considers issues across the bio-psycho-social continuum.

A reflective practitioner – with the habit of assessing your practice and applying well developed lifelong learning skills to improve it A civic professional – with a commitment to the best care for your individual patients but also to the quality of the health care system.

osh state university

Features of our Curriculum

  1. Development of a core medical curriculum that is rigorous, efficient, integrative, and forms a realistic base of knowledge for a physician.
  2. Integration of basic, clinical, psychosocial, and population information and skills throughout the years of medical education.
  3. A “flipped classroom” in the form of Team-Based learning.
  4.  Promotion of structured active learning that includes explicit experience in leadership and cooperative roles.
  5. Mentorship of students by faculty in all facets of the learning process.
  6.  Implementation of a standardized and valid assessment of progress, carefully and thoughtfully evaluating the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and attitudes appropriate to the future goals of each student
  7. Incorporation of information technology and the use of computers and simulation into student learning and evaluation, research and implementation of new and improved methods of teaching.
  8. Individual Opportunities – Blocks of unscheduled time for individual or group study, elective coursework, and research.
  9. Strengthening of Doctor-Patient Communication and Clinical Skills Instruction – Broad clinical science education with early exposure to patient care and the practice of medicine.

Basic Medical Sciences

The first year begins with the Core Principles of the Biomedical Sciences. The goal of the Core is to introduce the fundamental principles and vocabulary for each of the sciences basic to the practice of medicine. This is not the entire course time for these scientific disciplines as each discipline has an important role in the integrated organ systems modules.

The discipline coordinator for each of the basic sciences in the Core has worked with faculty to integrate the core concepts in their organ modules. The second half of the first year and the second year are organized into integrated organ systems and modules. The organ system modules feature an integrated teaching of basic molecular, cellular, and organ systems processes in conjunction with mechanisms of disease. Sophisticated scientific information is introduced in a clinical context, illustrating its clinical relevance, and enhancing the students’ learning. Each module begins with a brief review of micro and gross structure and progresses through physiology, pathophysiology, radiology, pathology, and pharmacology of disorders of the subject organ system. The learning methodologies include group discussions, demonstrations, workshops, self-study, and lectures.

After completing the first two years curriculum, student will have an easily retrievable, multidisciplinary corpus of biomedical knowledge about the organization, function, and systems of the human body in health; a “beginners” ability to integrate, synthesize, apply, and communicate that knowledge in clinical contexts; and the capability to retrieve this knowledge accurately and systematically, apply it appropriately in understanding both normal and abnormal human biological processes, and demonstrate the ability to think critically about these processes and the problems of patients.

Clinical Sciences

The Clinical Sciences part of our curriculum is designed to give students a broad spectrum of medical practice, training in clinical skills, and patient contact. All the Government sector hospitals, clinics and medical centers of Osh city are affiliated with International Medical Faculty OshSU.

All student clinical experiences will be conducted by a team of experienced physicians and surgeons, having decades of both medical practice and teaching experience. Students will be assigned to physicians in actual patient care settings at several hospitals, clinics, and health centers in Osh city. The opportunity to work beside renowned physicians and surgeons is designed to build student clinical capabilities, increase student confidence.

Under the close supervision of clinical faculty, clinical students will learn to work as a team, analyze lab data, experience a physician’s typical day, diagnose patient cases, conduct physicals, and perform procedures inwards, such as stitching, blood work, and vaccinations, assist in labor room, Surgery and Pediatric surgery operation theatres.

Mission of OSH State Medical University

Improve health care in our community and beyond through population-based scientific innovation and intervention. Conduct high-impact methodological research with direct application to biomedicine and the delivery of care. Foster transdisciplinary collaborations to better address the challenges of science and medicine. Strengthen biomedical education through training in rigorous research methods. Provide scientific expertise in experimental design, data management, and data analytics.

Research at OSH State University

Advances in medicine and science are the results of new ideas and approaches developed through research. At International Medical Faculty OshSU, we’re driven to discover. Our research serves as an economic engine that drives the Kyrgyz Republic’s health industry. We develop new health technologies, strategies. And we collaborate with biomedical companies and health ministry to implement these health strategies in hospitals of the Kyrgyz Republic, Central Asia, and the Eurasian region.

osh state university

Student Life at OSH State University

Life at Osh is something for everyone. Students are actively engaged in a broad array of academic, cultural, social, and political organizations. Write for the University news publication, work with university leaders through student government, make your debut with visual and performing arts groups, and lend a hand in community service. Osh offers a student life that can be tailored to your own tastes. It’s easy to immerse yourself in exciting opportunities and experiences both at University and across the city.

You’ll find a vast number of ways to enjoy yourself, keep busy and make friends on campus. When you find the time, You can go to walk across the city, on Suleiman too hilltop, watch movies and party at restaurants.

osh state university
osh state university

Accommodation in OSH State University

There are several options available in accommodation (Hostels) including Government hostels, Private hostels, Private apartments. They differ in facilities and rental fees. Students can select according to their lifestyle and budget. All the hostels are centrally located in the city and shopping markets, Banks, Medical clinics are within walking distance. Hostels are equipped with a central heating system in winter. 2-4 persons share a room according to the room size. There is a separate section for girls and hostels are guarded by security personnel. Hostels have a common room, Dinning room. Another option is renting an apartment in the city. Apartments are costly than living in a hostel.

Food at OSH State University ( Indian Mess at OSH State University)

Food We have a special arrangement of food for foreign students and catering to student needs through its mess/ canteen. Indian vegetarian / Non-vegetarian food is available in administration managed the private hostel. Delicious and hygenic authentic Indian Food is served three times a day, freshly cooked by Indian cooks. There is a choice of North vs South Indian cuisine. Student representatives decide the menu on a weekly basis. There are several Cafe / Restaurants in the city serving Turkish, Fast food, Indian and local Ferghana valley cuisine. Canteen / Cafetaria on University campus also caters to the students with Snacks, Coffee, etc.

Food We have a special arrangement of food for foreign students and catering to student needs through its mess/ canteen. Indian vegetarian / Non-vegetarian food is available in administration managed the private hostel. Delicious and hygenic authentic Indian Food is served three times a day, freshly cooked by Indian cooks. There is a choice of North vs South Indian cuisine. Student representatives decide the menu on a weekly basis. There are several Cafe / Restaurants in the city serving Turkish, Fast food, Indian and local Ferghana valley cuisine. Canteen / Cafetaria on University campus also caters to the students with Snacks, Coffee, etc.

osh state university
osh state university

Sports at OSH National University

Sports Outdoor sports offer opportunities football tournaments are organized for students to relieve the stress for foreign students. Osh premier and help you stay healthy. Do you like to play Cricket? or have been a tradition of Osh Football ? How about Basketball or Tennis, Badminton or Volleyball? decades. Our students do all of these About ten teams of Osh State things, and more! Our student are strongly encouraged to explore and enjoy their interests outside the classroom. Our ever-changing list of student organizations reflects the interests of our current student body.


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